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#WhiteSupremacyKills: 100+ Civil Rights Groups Rally to Reject GOP's Excuses for Massacres and Demand Concrete Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/whitesupremacykills-100-civil-rights-groups-rally-reject-gops-excuses-massacres-and

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today, suggest google Christian Picciolini for solid inside info about white supremacy groups. He was on MSNBC Monday evening with a one hour documentary where he interviews the guru of hate ( a devil ) and family of slain son by his associates in Florida who are white supremists.

second: suggest prisons have many men who have this viewpoint. Can they be educated out of that attitude, belief??

third: I estimate 1,000 active members in the 50 states. About the same as the KKK active guys 1955 - 1970.

fourth: the other violence threat for mass shootings comes from male immigrants who are not accepted socially or bullied at their school. If they are not using internet or social media, the NSA, FBI etc does not yet know about their being dangerous. SRO idea is useless.

fifth: native born Americans who are not accepted socially at school, bullied, etc - same as 4 above.

sixth: workplace. the shooting spree in Aurora, Illinois is an example.

we all need to listen carefully to our peoples who express grave sadness. One person on TV wisely told us that our growing numbers of suicides amongst our young also come from social non acceptance and bullying.

God bless the peace makers.

Aside from white supremacists causing hate crimes they help the corporatist in congress pass anti poor, anti worker and anti immigrant legislation while public attention is diverted to the grousome crimes.
The corporate monopoly media gets a boost in viewership so it’s all around “good” for their dirty satanic business. Hence the reason for Congress and administration’s kick the can down the road tactic.

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Any way you slice it, Trump is the standard bearer of conservative’s fear, hate, greed, violence, lust and lies; their Satanic leader.


Your second point: because of happenings like this, i doubt it.

And what should scare the hell out of progressives is Trump has millions of followers!

The oligarchy needs distractions like Trump to keep the pitchforks at bay.

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