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'Whitewash' Inquiry into UK's Iraq Invasion Will (Finally) be Published... in 2016


'Whitewash' Inquiry into UK's Iraq Invasion Will (Finally) be Published... in 2016

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The UK's long-awaited, much-delayed Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, examining Britain's role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, is finally set to be published next summer—and it's "shaping up to be a whitewash," warns one anti-war coaliton.

Then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown commissioned the report in 2009; the panel heard from its last witness in February 2011. The endeavor is estimated to have cost approximately £10 million ($15 million USD) and has been repeatedly delayed over the past six years.


People in the U.K. may be disappointed over the delayed release of the Chilcot Inquiry of the Iraq War yet it's two million more words then we'll ever see here in America.


Was there ever a definitive investigation into David Kelly's murder or did the PTB win with the suicide claim?


Everybody knows what happened.

A 911 false flag op gave the US and their lackey states (UK, etc...) the opportunity to lie and do away with the rule of law (domestic and international) and go on a plundering rampage in Iraq. They killed 100's of thousands of innocent civilians, and displaced millions. They broke the political order that existed in the Middle East, reignited the Sunni Shia schism and gave rise to ISIS and what we see today.

We don't need special reports to tell us all this. We observe this with our own eyes.

If the Chilcote report confirms this and identifies the culprits then it would be worth the wait. However if Chilcote tries to whitewash the whole affair, exonerate anyone in the UK, and blame Saddam for anything we'll all know that the current political order is corrupt and in need of replacing.

Also, the Chilcote delaying tactics are significant. They are an attempt to ensure no follow on enquiry takes place as too much time will have elapsed to make it credible.


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