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Whitewashing Guantánamo


Whitewashing Guantánamo

Steve Vladeck

President Trump has made no secret of his desire to continue–if not affirmatively re-invigorate–the detention of non-citizen terrorism suspects at Guantánamo. That’s a problematic policy goal, to be sure, but one that’s neither surprising nor, in my view, radically at odds with the realm of legally available options–at least for individuals who are actively participating in the non-international armed conflict between the United States and al Qaeda and its affiliates.


Don and Jeff don't care about facts! Their views are simple, black v. white, same as their ardent fans: Obama=Bad, Bush=Good, Authoritarian=Good, Human Rights=Bad.


Guantanamo will be a warm up for the sort of 'legal regime' Dump & his creepy crew want to put forward in the USA & the world. Think Dachau in terms of it being the first camp opened by you know who.


Excellent analysis by Steve Vladeck! So far, the Global War On Terror has been a fraud of epic proportions.


From the article Re Gitmo:
".......exactly nine of the 122 were transferred under the 44th President’s watch–in contrast to the first 113, transferred during President Bush’s tenure."

 How many people realize that most of the releases occurred under Bush, not Obama! Wasn't Obama the man who pledged to close Guantanamo? Has history been re-written yet again?