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Whither the Resistance?


Whither the Resistance?

Fran Shor

The incredible outpouring of protest against Trump’s presidency and policies, from the amazing global women’s marches to organizational responses to all of his egregious executive orders, portends a diverse and enormous mass movement. With the most recent executive order banning Muslims from seven countries with Muslim majorities, the rapid mobilization of opposition from a variety of constituencies, even some within the Justice Department and Republican Party, augurs a spreading dissidence.


You ain't seen nothing yet!


"...the Nixon Administration was forced to End the Draft..."


The PTB realized that a Professional Army, borne of their destruction of Our Economy, would stir much less Public Resistance to their machinations of a New World Order, using the US Armed Forces as their Muscle (much as Gen. Smedley Butler would frame it.)


Bit of a plan there - developing - thank you Frank Shor !

I like it - the broad outline.

I see Deutsche Bank is now refusing to fund any more coal projects (BBC).

A Saudi Arabian oil minister supports Trump - all one needs to know really (BBC).

This is a lot about oil - about fossil fuels.

The carbon bubble is growing in size. Ultimately it must burst.

When it does - jobs will go - then re-appear - hopefully, with a bit of forethought - in new fields - sustainable ones. That forethought is best if it is us that does the thinking - remember us - the people ?

But I don't think we, the people, fully appreciate what sustainable will entail yet.

It's not just Teslas instead of BMW's - if you catch my drift.

We need to downsize in many places - perhaps most - and in ways that will at first be very upsetting.

A grass roots movement, in effect.

Probably multi-generational.