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Who Are the Extremists? Who Are the Rational Ones?


Who Are the Extremists? Who Are the Rational Ones?

Jack Esler

These are strange times.

What do you do when the political/economic consensus in no way reflects the scientific consensus and all its policy implications? Well, people have a choice: to resist the political consensus and try to create a new one, or to ignore the policy implications of the IPCC reports findings and to distract themselves with other things.


"Resisting pipeline projects across the globe is the obvious and rational thing to do. However, due to the hegemonic domination of capitalist ideology, we are told we are “irrational, emotive simpletons who don’t understand how economics and profit work.”

In fact, we understand perfectly well; what we don’t accept is the starting premise that this current economic status quo is forever and always the optimal solution to every social problem."

Until the economic paradigm is moved away from the church of maximum activity, humankind–at least the greedy bastards among it–will burn it all to the ground.


To this young man, I say: while the timing of your existence could never be perfect, you happen to be here at a particularly shameful epoch. Predatory capitalism is entrenched and eating itself along with life as we once knew it right before your very eyes. It’s a system we cannot seem to escape from, even as the planet burns to death.

You are one of the rational ones, Jack Esler. Not that it’ll do you much good. I’m sorry.


Men in their late eighties, will billions of $$$ and not much else left in the tank, shouldn’t be buying our government while sitting in E-Z Boy recliners.
A large % of them are snotty-nosed trustafarians, grown old and senile. With an old legacy corporation(s) and plans to take us all with them when they keel over. It’s hard to look at a child and not want to kick the crap out of dynasty hacks like the duffers running KOCH Industries, et al.


“In an era of universal deceit telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell


Well said Jack. We’re in a topsy turvy world. You gotta call it out when you see it.


It’s truly a war on Democracy … and on Facts & Truths,
And the Dens are hardly going to lead us out of what they have over the decades quite happily led us INTO.
If we are to get OUT of this, we must come together in new ways, like it or not!


the alternative would be to attack from the other end of the pipeline: the purchasing end. can average consumers band together to boycott gasoline (stop driving), and the byproducts (plastics\synthetics) of oil production? remove the profit.


“The truth is in dealing with any major social crisis where uncertainty or losing is not an option, that state planning, public investment and tight control is needed on a major scale.”

Sounds too much like an argument for a fascist state. This statement gives me the shivers and dread. What could go wrong?