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Who Bought This Influential Newspaper? Its Own Journalists Don't Even Know


Who Bought This Influential Newspaper? Its Own Journalists Don't Even Know

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A scandal with potentially national implications has erupted at a Las Vegas newspaper. Someone bought the publication, said to be Nevada's largest and most influential news source, and nobody will say who.

In fact, according to reports, the buyer's anonymity was a stipulation of the $140 million cash sale. That secrecy is being challenged by the Las Vegas Review-Journal's own staff, who on Monday launched a concerted Twitter effort and investigation to unmask the mysterious backer.


Is everything for sale...including freedom of the press?

Maybe freedom itself? Are we to now be told that we don't need to know who owns our press? Who decides what they want in their newspaper?

We'll sell most everything but our rights shouldn't be sold so easily.


If this is politically motivated, then there should be some way to tell. Ads will be a give-away sign, but could an American tell propaganda when they see it? Unlikely. So this ought to be interesting to see how this turns out.


Donald Trump ?


The Koch Bros. is my bet but they will cover up ownership with some holding company or investor group with a catchy name to throw off the scent.


Did anyone mention Sheldon Adelson or one of his shell companies like the Republican Party?


Yeah, Trump would be my guess too. Not many people with a motive, who have the cash to buy a newspaper anonymously.


Quite possible as Adelson bought a nuz-paper for Bibi in Israel.


Do you mean that the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of the voters in Nevada?

No annihilation without representation!


I think he's the most likely 800 lb. gorilla in this room.


Rupert Murdoch?


Anyone who reads let alone believes an influential widely read etc etc newspaper and expects to read the truth needs their head examined! All if them are in the business of deceiving, misleading Joe public.


There is really only one true card the Citizens of Nevada can play, and that would be an organized boycott of that "News" Paper until the new owner and his agenda are revealed....


As of today your suspicions turned out to be dead on. Why did Sheldon try to keep it a secret before the Republican debate? I guess you know the answer to that too.