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Who Can Clean Up the FCC's Net Neutrality Mess?


Who Can Clean Up the FCC's Net Neutrality Mess?

Michael Macleod-Ball

There are three possible paths to the reinstatement of net neutrality protections that were stripped away through last week's vote.


“Congress can and should carry out the will of the people by saving their internet.” On what planet? The fascists are now in charge and your net neutrality is gone. It isn’t coming back…


Yes, “will of the people” is soooo twentieth century in fascist Murka.


"The Courts’

popped a blood vessel just laughing at that !


Better get that taken care of at your Single-payer doctor soon! Oh, wait…


There is a fourth path. As eloquently posted by David Morris in this space, we can and should work towards taking back the commons that is the internet. Many communities have been running Community Broadband services successfully. A new Congress can make this a national initiative. Elect Bernie’s progressive candidates this coming year.