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Who Can Follow This Climate Leader?


Who Can Follow This Climate Leader?

Emily Schwartz Greco

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy hits a fork in the Yellow Brick Road? As she stands there stumped, a friendly character who will accompany her to the Emerald Palace pipes up.

“Pardon me, that way is a very nice way,” the Scarecrow advises as he points in one direction. “It’s pleasant down that way too,” he adds, now pointing in the other. Then the Scarecrow crosses his straw-stuffed arms and unhelpfully declares, “Of course people do go both ways.”


Honest assessment, Ms. Emily Schwartz Greco.


It surprises people when they are treated like they are stupid or are fools. It is almost as if the pickpocket is assuring us that stealing is a crime as he lifts our wallet. It shocks us emotionally to be treated like fools.

Ship fossil fuels overseas but still claim that you are an environmentalist administration?

How about the thief who says innocently >>> "Oh is this your money? I didn't steal it, I found it... in your pocket and didn't know if it belonged to anybody!"

"Oh does the TPP prevent us from keeping it in the ground by selling it over there? Well that means we aren't really taking it from the ground, they are... we just get paid for it just like always."


I think it is possible to see Obama as being consistent with being a climate hawk if you agree that the problem of reducing emissions has to be largely solved from the demand side. Therefore, as long as the problem is not being solved from the demand side we need energy from fossil fuels to keep things going as does every other country. It isn't really a matter of leaving fossil fuels in the ground. It is making a rapid transition so you don't need fossil fuels. Therefore, what is needed are vast improvements in energy efficiency and tremendous increases in wind, solar, and geothermal energy. This has to be done globally as the markets for fossil fuels are global. Certainly those who believe that the problem can be solved largely from the supply side will see Obama as being inconsistent.


You can arrest ten thousand users but if you don't stop the dealers (supply side) then there will continue to be the same problem of people using.

You can't honestly say we sell you the stuff but we don't want you to use it. Stop selling it and they'll stop using it.

That isn't even considering the subsidies and depletion allowances and tax breaks and so forth that encourage use by reducing costs at tax payer expense. We in effect subsidize other people using fossil fuels as we sell it to them while claiming we are environmentally conscious.


Oh do not forget OBAMA bummer bombed out big time when he signed for $$$trillions for new nuclear weapons, upgrades, uranium mining. OBAMA worst world leader at summits world wide. Obama blew it for climate crisis. The NOBEL peace prize prematurely awarded to BHO was also withdrawn. Big flunk! He finally threw in on Keystone XL because everything big oil biz said about it were big lies and so many smart articulate citizens communities resisted and communicate SOOO well the truth.

Who can follow this Obombed out OBAMA whore for secret fast track pacts from hell?..tyrants traitors treasonists thugs at war upon we the Main Street 99%..it is total totalitarianism terrors...80 days to BAN THE TPP and it is worse than awful sale of our rights liberties freedoms and really is corporate criminal purchase of our gov, by new world order globalist...every citizen alert in all 12 nations of the TRANS Pacific a partnership hostile takeover of GOVS on planet Earth

We the grass roots peaceful non-violent progressive socialists movement for radical political revolution rising up from the ashes of plutocracy. We are the ones now following up on the common ground consensus we claimed when we heard OBAMA tell us what we wanted to hear and rallied our nation that was already lowest in all the developed nations ratings in many aspect of our lives!
The wealthiest most arrogant prideful powerful nation on earth with the biggest military in the world dwarfs all other nations and consumes over 60% of USA budget stirring up terrorists committing endless war crimes upon innocents civilians gross grim gruesome endless immoral crimes. Please unite and heal the soul of AMERICA we are the ones that would rather die knowing we gave it everything we got than go down with the lowest voters turn out in the history of USA because nobody sane wants to vote for any of the insane plutocrats corrupt billionaires biz as usual.

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