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Who Did George W. Bush Charge $100k to Hear Him Speak? Wounded Veterans of His Immoral Wars



Wow!! Shame on those wounded veterans for allowing themselves to be fleeced by such a controversial and divisive figure. Shame on Dumbya for doing so, becasue it's not like he needed the money.


So, so sad. A marine who lost both hands said , .. Bush sent him to war. Why did so many volunteer for a war based on presidential lies.? 19 men armed with 'boxcutters' outfoxed the trillion dollar Pentagon with its myriad 'intelligence' agencies.? Please, do you expect rational people to believe this.? The propaganda tool, media, repeated these absurd claims until so-called patriots signed up to fight the 'invaders'. An attack on the neocons inside the beltway would have been more appropriate. Bush is nothing more than a venal ignoramous. A fils de papa who was placed by SCOTUS in a position to do the dirty deeds of the deep state. False flags are the modus operandi of this fascist group which seeks hegemony world wide. The number of military bases is evidence of American Empire. Pretending to be a democracy entails show elections with hand picked stooges. The latest being Clinton and Bush. It has become so blatant that subterfuge isn't necessary as the sheeple are dumbed down.


Did anyone throw a shoe?


lets review: after talking with god bush lies about 9/11,the phoney reasons for two unnecessary wars, etc etc and then charges 100,000.00 plus s/h fee of 20k to a VETERANS group?!?! and not one "christian" says a word? im so glad we live in a "moral society" under god.....
ok enough sarcastic irony. we need to ask - what kind of person behaves like this? is this "normal" or humane? or is this sick and sociopathic like the CIA operatives who routinely ignore laws,ethics and morals (since its inception in 1947) while killing people,deposing elected leaders and fomenting wars in which over 6 million people have died (1947-2003)? what would jesus say about all of this? lets hear from those who dont understand the separation of church & state here, or those who claim this is a christian country, as i dont recall jesus ever supporting these behaviors.


It is, at the very least, an insult to the American people that we are obliged to take seriously any member of this scurrilous family.


Holy cow!! No offense, possibly those wounded veterans have lost their brains in the wars. This is unbelievable. Who on this planet would listen a lecture of that idiot whose IQ is a negative integar. Either jumbies or totally brain deads will sit in that hall. Other wise even offering a substantial amount of dollars no sane person could and sit listen to that idiot. It is so unfortunate that he was once our president.


I wouldn't cross the street to hear anything this war criminal had to say, yet he commands a speaking fee of $100K? The mind reels.


Many "charities" that purport to help vets, cops, firemen, etc. are rackets contrived by scammers.

These scammers figured they could get more donations if they spend some seed money getting big names to speak.


I don't understand how these politicians charge such such exorbitant fees for speaking to non profit groups. He should have done it for free. Reminds me of Hillary's demand of 300k plus jet, presidential suite, entourage expenses, ect. to speak at the opening of the Women's center for a University.

I wouldnt pay 2c to hear any of them speak.


This is why guys like George Dubya Bush get elected, and re-elected; people and their gross gullible nature. How in the Hell can someone who was lied to and sent into that mans LIE actually now give him one second of time and their support???!!? Bush should go back to Texas and work on his watercolors


Right on! That's what makes me think whoever runs these charities is in cahoots with the Bush cartel and is somehow benefiting in some way.


Wow, setting a new standard for war profiteering.


They need to throw something somewhat smaller than a shoe, but with a velocity of 2500 fps, and an energy of, say, 2900 foot-pounds.


Somehow, some day and some way, that bastard will get what's coming to him.


Why blame Dubya? We all know that he is dumb and narcissistic and solipsistic.

I say blame this organization that paid him. Helping a Hero is another organization created to fill the gap that our government should fill. Who doesn't see a TV ad for Wounded Warriors and doesn't think as I do? This redundant organization that paid all of this money to this two-tern mistake seems like a scam to me.


GWB's arrogance and that of Laura Bush are reprehensible. Together their fees could have funded almost three and one-half mortgages ($50M each per the Helping a Hero org) for houses for the wounded veterans. That each charged anything for their appearances is repulsive. What is really perplexing is that these appearances supposedly resulted in raising funds for the organization ($2.5 mil in 2014). "A fool and his money are soon parted." Guess that's how things are done in Texas....


I never give any money to wounded warrior type groups as i think the "gubment" sent them off to war, and should take care of them. seems we care more about the well being of israel than we do our own


a friend's only son was killed in the first round of fighting in iraq. he was so heartbroken that he later committed suicide. i will never forgive bush and cronies, but i also told my friend's son what my dad taught my brothers, why should we blacks go off to war fighting for the freedoms of others, when we still have much work to do here. wonder what minority soldiers, who died in these illegal wars, would think of the rethugs voter suppressions laws, the rise of the birchers, and the unspeakable disrespect shown towards pres obama. a pox on bush, cheney and cronies.


yep, just like pulpit pimps claim to help the poor, while they fly in private jets, eating caviar, and staying at the best hotels