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Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away


Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away

Jon Queally, staff writer

On Friday, a ruling by a federal bankruptcy judge in Texas showed why retired coal miners led to believe their health benefits would be with them for life were wrong and at least one advocate for Medicare for All noted that this is just one more reason why a healthcare system that includes everyone and excludes nobody would be a lifeline for workers which capitalism has pulled the rug out from under.

"Another reason for #MedicareForAll - healthcare for retired coal miners." —Michael Lighty, Sanders Institute Fellow



This should be the last straw. It’s time to divest from capitalism. At the same time to invest in M4ALL.
Also when the time has come when multi billionaire companies and people become exempt from paying their fair share of taxes or no taxes, time to axe the system.

Oh my, that darn socialism where everybody is treated fairly, can’t be having none of that.



It’s now rare to find a job that has any real medical benefits –
and likely they’re going to make it even rarer.



We need a national reset bill, one that returns all laws, taxes, trade deals, legislation and amendments to what it was in 1970, no differences, as a starting point to reclaiming a nation once referred to as The United States.



No medical insurance, no pensions… nothing for the slaves of the Oligarchy that run the USA.

Medicare for All is a wonderful dream but I fear that what we will end up getting is Medicare for None. After all, it is much cheaper for said Oligarchy if all we oldsters just die once we have outlived our usefulness, as well as those not-so-old sick people. There are plenty more where they came from!



So the public should cover the healthcare costs for companies who ruin their employees health due to unsafe working conditions?
We are going to need a public health care system where escalated payments are mandated for companies with unsafe working conditions. Make them improve their workplaces by jacking up their healthcare contributions. Nothing else has worked very well. Why are miners still working in unsafe conditions after years of knowing about the dangers of coal mining? Because the companies have the lobbying power to avoid being regulated.



Then how come most Americans get their healthcare through their workplace?



…To Judge David R. Jones…Hope the tar and feather crew are readying themselves, you phkn prick…



…Are you phkn kidding, that’s ludicrous…There isn’t one job in ten in this town that covers any Medical other than the standard of what comes out of your paycheck…Get real…



When will articles like this begin to stand these travesties side by side with the BENEFITS OF SOCIALISM ENJOYED BY THE CORPORATIONS “EMPLOYING” LABOR?

This is why I refer to capitalism as “predatory” - in this case, there were enough “employees” to make it interesting to a predatory “investor” (feudal laird) and to the hyper-perverted socialized benefits of the wall street class to steal the value through fraud. Sometimes on the NASDAQ or another scam machine, courts and judges that can’t distinguish their arse from a hole in a wall, sometimes through it’s toaddy ALEC, and through Citizens United.

These guys are goading the entire US citizenry to revolution. And we all know the Kennedy admonition.



The corporate bankruptcy three-step is becoming common.

Step 1: Hire people by promising them $100,000 or $500,000 apiece in benefits when they get old. Make money off of them.

Step 2: Now that your work force is older and you have massive debts that you owe the little people, align with a vulture capitalist. Mortgage the company right to the hilt, spin off profitable company divisions and declare enormous stockholder dividends. Sell out all of your remaining stock at this point and move your profits offshore.

Odds are now 80% that the formerly sound company will fail in two to ten years. The judge will give the vulture bondholders “senior debt” over the seniors who were promised retirement and medical benefits. What in reality happened was a massive wealth transfer from the retirement and medical fund to the vulture’s offshore bank account.



Then how come most Americans get their healthcare through their workplace?

Don’t know if you have any statistics on this – and probably we should have some…

but, to my knowledge, very few workplaces INCLUDE health care benefits any longer.

And when they do it’s a “buy in” situation which is very costly each month.

When US had a mandate for full employment and presumably corporations were competing
for good workers, they did provide medical benefits – even dental, for a while.

As I’ve said elsewhere, it is now the Federal Reserve – a private bank – which controls our
economy and makes decisions over how many Americans will be employed, decisions re
wages and benefits, etal.

Our Congress, of course, enjoys luxury benefits paid for by taxpayers - including dental, I’m sure.
And anything else they need.

On the other hand, our town police and other servants of the public are having their health
care benefits stripped away.

What kind of benefits do you have?



Who says We are getting anything? I’ll believe it when it happens. The fact we Allow millionaire Congress Members and Billionares tell Us what we should or shouldn’t have is absurd! When will we wake the hell up?



In 2000, 70% of Americans had health insurance through their employers.

In 2015, that was down to 56%…and dropping.



Just have to comment on the inequality of our so-called democracy. If you are a “corporation” you can declare bankruptcy and the so-called judicial system will side with you and allow you to shed your contract obligations with the “people”. If you are a “person” and declare bankruptcy, you retain your obligations to the “banking corporations” if you have student loans, etc.



Even the Koch bros. Say we will save billions.



Asset stripping is profitable as hell. Just ask a cat named Mittens:



Up against the wall, predators. Playtime’s over.



Why all the angst? It’s just good old hard nosed capitalism, which, as we all know, has proven to be, through the unseen hand of the free market, the most efficient and fair way to distribute resources, goods and services. You’d think those greedy miners would recognize and support Clarke’s decision to renege on their contracts. (File under one angry sarcastic son of a bitch)



Profit for the conservative ruling power elite is all that matters in America. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the middle class, abandonment, exclusion and disenfranchisement for the poor.