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Who Else Was Handling Russian Money in 2016?

Who Else Was Handling Russian Money in 2016?

Charles P. Pierce
The interference went well beyond the president*'s campaign.
"We already know the winning presidential campaign was redolent of herring and vodka." (Photo: Getty)
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Very interesting, to say the least. But it all fits. The NRA does not have our country’s best interests at heart!

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Gotta be a way to follow the money trail if it exists.

I mean, this is what the 702 provision of FISA is for, right?

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Hey. I don’t like seeing Common Dreams printing Russia-gate-like “truths” such as “We already know the winning presidential campaign was redolent of herring and vodka.” The business transactions (good old neoliberal market-place stuff) don’t appear illegal so far in the Mueller investigation; and the elaborate sleuthing by media darlings like Rachel Maddow connecting these oh-so-incriminating dots to prove the Kremlin helped Trump win is looking more and more ridiculous as people like William Browder, George Papadopoulos, Christopher Steele etc. (people desperately trying to set up Russian trysts when Trump became the Rep. candidate) are revealed to be the sleazy worms they are. William Browder is a well-know Washington DC neocon who’s got an axe to grind with Russia over a multi-million tax evasion charge Russia has against him. He’s long been under investigation by the FBI for money laundering in Cyprus. And wasn’t the FBI funneling money to GPIFusion to help Christopher Steele produce his “Russia Dossier” (the one that includes “Trump hiring Moscow prostitutes to urinate on the bed that Obama had slept in”…AKA ‘the Golden Stream Chapter’)

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Somewhere in this whole business about Russia, there are a few truths, and a multitude of opinions. People will pick their favorite theories until incontrovertible evidence appears. Some will still stick with their favorites even then.

I don’t pretend to know the truth about any or all of it. My comment was specific to the NRA, which I believe to be a vile, opportunistic and dangerous organization. Their strong support for anything or anyone is a clear signal to me to oppose that thing or person.

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"The only thing that stops a bagman with a bag is a good guy with a bag."
Or a good woman with a purse …

And that would explain why our #shithole fake prez wants to get rid of FISA …

His handlers quickly corrected Trump’s anti-FISA tweeting. He renewed FISA yesterday, and it passed with lots of Dem support…

And if the FBI has been sitting on conclusive evidence of Russia funneling money to the NRA and then to R-Party campaigns, they should have released it long ago. Because in not doing so they’re obstructing justice.

Building a case isn’t obstructing justice. A lot of the counter hypotheses—the DNC hack was an insider job!—tossed around are basically surfing that uncertain middle ground between what we know, don’t know, and may never know. We’ll just have to see what happens.

3 possibilities:

The FBI has had hard evidence of this Russian/NRA collusion since it was happening 18 months ago.
The FBI missed that collusion while it was in progress.
That collusion didn’t happen.

If it was number one, WTF was the FBI doing letting criminal activity proceed and go undisclosed until now?
If it was number two, how useless is the 702 provision?
If it was number three, this article is more bullshit.

1 & 2 together are a possibility. Fucking with the NRA ain’t easy so I can see where building an ironclad case would be important. We’ll see.