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Who Gains from Colombia’s Vote for Permanent War?

Who Gains from Colombia’s Vote for Permanent War?

Laura Carlsen

In early October, the Colombian people voted NO to peace.

Or to be exact, 50.2 percent of 37 percent of the eligible population voted no. In the referendum held on October 2, the majority of voters decided to scuttle the agreement between the government and FARC rebels, which had been reached after four years of peace talks dedicated to ending 52 years of bloodshed.


How can we build a society such that the warmongers can’t drag the rest of us into their war money making schemes? They don’t want their tax money going to supporting necessary social programs; I don’t want my tax money going into their pockets for their unnecessary wars. I would say that the warmongers show all the signs of classical addiction. Perhaps some kind of society wide rehabilitation for the war addicts? What would that be?

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Other ways to make money?
A bartering system for social services and interaction?

I dont know, but a great question.