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Who Gains Most From School Choice? Not Low-Income Students Of Color


Who Gains Most From School Choice? Not Low-Income Students Of Color

Jeff Bryant

As parents and students reenter public schools for a new year, they’re hearing a lot about “school choice.”

Having “choice,” they’re told, lets parents send their kids to schools other than their assigned neighborhood school, such as a charter school, a magnet school, or, in some cases, even a school in another district.

No doubt school choice will benefit some parents – just as any market-based system has some winners and some losers. But who really stands to gain most from choice and why?


"School choice" is how the Capitalists refer to the privatization of our public schools.
If our government doesn't work we blame the politicians who are running it.
So if our schools aren't working who's at fault?


So-called "school choice" AKA privatization of the public school system was never intended to work for children of color. That is only the propaganda used to sell it. The Heritage Foundation & other right wing "think tanks" came up with this because they really don't want to educate or enfranchise all of our kids. These schools may accept kids of color & special needs kids, take the money from the school district & then expell them due to "disciplinary problems" or whatever. Or they simply pick & choose kids that fit their "nice, white, upper middle class" profile. Their intentions are clear. This is an effort to defund our public schools & subsidize private, for (their) PROFIT schools. We need to strengthen our PUBLIC schools & STOP USING PROPERTY TAXES TO FUND THEM. Public schools should be funded from the general fund and all public schools funded equally, NOT FUNDED BY WHETHER YOU LIVE IN A RICH OR POOR NEIGHBORHOOD.


Maybe the people who have been defunding them & then blaming problems on the teachers.


If this was really about the freedom to choose , the choice one was able to make would not be predicated upon the amount of money one had. In essence your "free choice" costs more money.

This has NOTHING to do with Freedom and everything to do with money.