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WHO Head Joins Chorus Denouncing TPP's Blow to Public Health, Boon to Big Pharma

WHO Head Joins Chorus Denouncing TPP's Blow to Public Health, Boon to Big Pharma

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Adding to the chorus of voices sounding alarm on the impacts of the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday that there were "some very serious concerns" regarding the 12-nation pact.

The article quotes Joseph Stiglitz: ´But the generic medicines, which are now more than 80 percent of all
drugs, bring the prices down. That’s the competition that makes the
market work. Well, we struck that balance, but in this trade agreement
they’re trying to restrike the balance in favor of Big Pharma.´

I went back to the Stiglitz interview on Democratic Now being quoted, in an attempt to learn how that balance is restruck in the TPP, to no avail. This is sort of important since it seems to undergird WHO concern. Help, anyone!

How long will the suckers live?
What can we scare them into buying?
Got to keep them alive long enough to maximize profits.

Did I miss much, here?

There is an aspect of this whole stinking, reeking process that I haven’t heard any pundit remark upon. Negotiated in secret so that the sitting “representatives” of this failed democracy do not have to comment on or take a stand on and put on a “fast track” so that those same sitting “representatives” can pass this descent into modern medievalism. If it had been negotiated in the open all these how many years then candidates would have had to campaign facing the question of whether they support or oppose this abomination.

We have already seen by the overwhelming support of the elected GOP in approving fast track that they will approve this disaster and then they can go quietly into the night and collect their 30 pieces of silver.

Pretty slick, eh? Wham, bam, thank you ma’am - welcome to the brave new world.

edit: And another shade of this orchestrated charade is Clinton now saying she’s opposed to the TPP. So What? Fast track means that it won’t make any difference if she is in favor or opposed; it will already be law if she ever darkens the doorstep of the WH. Sanders forced her to proclaim, but I choose to believe that he is shouting about it in the hopes that somehow it can be stopped. Does her pronouncement, as the presumptive candidate, perhaps also give the rabid right more motivation to pass it? Obama and Clinton both finally officially came out against KXL only after the developer backed out. See how easily it’s done?

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Given the advantages/profits given to big-pharma in the Obama “Affordable Care” Act, it is more than likely he has also given away the farm to big-pharma in the TPP. Corporate pirates that push deadly, often worthless, obscenely expensive drugs are actively sabotaging the safe and effective cannabis alternative! All with the collusion of prez Obama - he will be handsomely rewarded for his gifting billions in profits to big-pharma and other corpoarte entities. http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2013/05/25/obamacare-will-bring-drug-industry-35-billion-in-profits/

The corporate-whore in chief has repeatedly favored big-money and profits over people and the environment his entire tenure - his background in Chicago politics as a “community organizer”, along with Zionist Rahm Emanuel, the Daley Machine, as well as his hiring the Clinton Rubinites for his economic team tells the tale of this sell-out prez. With Dems like Obama, who needs RepubliCons to screw us?

Which brings me to Hillary and the big money she takes from drug corporations

Hillary’s bald-faced pandering, getting behind issues only if polls show it favorable, relying on corporate campaign-contribution bribes, and shifting “left” (a BS label for supporting issues that favor the 99% rather 1% parasites) only after being forced to by Bernie Sanders - a candidate that has been living the issues he now still supports all his adult life - what is infuriating to me is Bernie fought for civil right since the '60’s, marching with Dr King along with many others, now African-Americans give Sanders no respect or much support. The support they give Hillary Clinton, almost automatically is I suppose because of Bill Clinton’s popularity among A-A’s - popularity he doesn’t deserve - neither does Hill deserve such support

It somehow keeps pharmacy corporations from issuing generic drugs for another X years. iirc, the original corp. pays the “generic” corp money? i’m not sure of the mechanism. The TPP might be online somewhere, now that it is “public.”