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Who Impugns Hillary’s Integrity?


Who Impugns Hillary’s Integrity?

Robert Borosage

At the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton inadvertently sparked a firestorm when she invoked her woman donors and 9/11 as a defense to Bernie Sanders calling out her Wall Street donors. As Molly Ball tweeted, playing both the women’s card and the 9/11 card in one answer revealed just how sensitive Clinton was to the self-evident line of attack.


This is just a wikipedia timeline of finance policy since 1938 - but sometimes its worth having it available to reference.


Notice (in the wiki timeline) the acceleration of bankster shell games and pro-bankster legislation after the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council in 1985 ?


Who impugns her what? Hillary and integrity in the same sentence is defined as an oxymoron.


Ooohhh.... those pesky timelines, dots and connections


Yeah...was having bread for late lunch and almost choked on it when I saw the word paired with Killery.


While I am no fan of Mrs. Clinton, I still take issue with the incessant PERSONALITY--as politics--references.

No one responded to this which, in my view, is far more worthy of discussion:

"The two leading recipients of Wall Street donations in the presidential money primaries are, not surprisingly, establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. “They are both known entities with familiarity of the marketplace,” Richard Hunt, head of the Consumer Bankers Association, said of Bush and Clinton.

In short, the bankers--who own the place--continue to bet their money on American Dynasty. It's the made-for-TV-electoral drama that they've been funding for 3 decades... and counting. THAT is a significant investment.

As Cookie says--"Go, Bernie!" Otherwise... expect this:

"As one Wall Street lawyer put it, “If it turns out to be Jeb vs. Hillary, we would love that and either outcome would be fine.”


Why does Hillary enjoy support of minorities when support for Bernie is a no brainer for them?


The warmth between Hillary and Lloyd Blankfein revealed in this photo says it all.


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What integrity?


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Sarcasm alert.


Wall Street gangster Blankfein once claimed that G-S was "doing God's work." These people are appalling.


Umm ... this is sarcasm, right?


You might want to get your eyes checked: this article documents how HILLARY IS PAID OFF BY WALL STREET & has been--ALONG WITH HER HUSBAND-- for DECADES. #thylacine What planet do y9ou live on???? Maybe you got Hillary mixed up with ELIZABETH WARREN...since Hillary hs NEVER done ANY of the things you describe. She was on BOARD OF WL-MART FOR A DECADE. As First Lady, she shilled for BIG PHARMA, pushed for unraveing the social safety net ("welfare reform") & was/is a FIERCE "drug warrior" pushing for LONGER sentences...& she now takes campaign $ from FOR-PROFIT PRISONS. as Senator she continued to work for Wall St & Big Banks. And will do so if she's in the White House again.


....because the lying MSM portrays the Clintons as public servants. Comical....two power hungry ,amoral,gluttons for money and influence.


I didn't realize that she is into heroin, too! :wink: