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Who Is America: To Borat, It's Dick Cheney Happily Autographing A Waterboard Kit


Who Is America: To Borat, It's Dick Cheney Happily Autographing A Waterboard Kit

With our "very stable genius" - aka in Scotland "weaselheaded fucknugget" - facing massive UK protests overseen by the Trump Baby Blimp, what better time to unveil Sacha Baron Cohen's latest, long-undercover project: A Showtime series exploring U.S. figures "across the political and cultural spectrum" titled "Who Is America?" Targeting Trump et al, a disguised Cohen interviewed the likes of Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin - who, not amused to find she'd been duped, calls him “evil, exploitative and sick.” Speaking of. Dick Cheney, at least, was proud to sign Cohen's "waterboard kit."


I would indeed find it hard to find a better example of what is America, then Cheney autographing a “waterboard kit.” It just feels right. The only thing comparable would be Donald signing the pictures of the dead victims of immigrant crime for their grieving spouses. Both are so perfectly symbolic on so many levels…This society has certainly delved to the very depths of shallow and craven…


It seems Borat provides a glimpse of what the rest of the world recognizes as a living fabric valued by the methodologies of the predators as they selectively consume it thread by thread solely for its death dealing and voids for their acquisitions.

This is why “conspiracy theorists” assert that the predatory classes engage in the occult. Then again the word apparently arose in the 15th century, fancy that. The peak origins of church/state empire colonization and genocides for power that shaped the myth of western governments active today. Guess that’s one thread of the fabric we’re discovering they failed to hide in the wiggly fingered occultations.


Is it possible for an idiot to admit they’re an idiot?


I confess to a moment of panic, before I realized that the Joe Walsh in question was NOT the genius guittarist who gave the world “Funk 49” and so much more.


Oh, I think we can go deeper! Loooong way down to go yet! You’re selling this society short!