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Who Is "Essential" to Our Covid-19 World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/15/who-essential-our-covid-19-world

“Many families, including mine, COULD be called into armed conflict” ?

Like all autocrats, Trump WILL (not could) exploit the military to bolster and maintain his popularity and power. This being an election year Trump is certain to first expand military deployments abroad, and subsequently deploy military domestically to quell “domestic disturbances” resulting from unprecedented mass unemployment.

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The MBA “just-in-time” supply chain mentality that seeks to minimize excess inventory to maximize profits has been applied to virtually all humans below the very top whatever percent. People have become commodities and are exploited as such–doomed to be “optimized” at the whim of a spreadsheet or an artificial intelligence program. We are fungible to those at the top and have been for millennia. Satirists, court jesters, and such have been beating this drum for this time, but most see things only as a “one off” and not as a unifying theme, and so the threads were not consistently woven into a strong body armor. It is time for another “Do you hear the people sing?” moment.


When the shit hits the fan who is essential? We have been taught to honor the military, but who do we need in a pandemic? Grocery store workers, postal workers, delivery truck drivers, doctors, nurses. Common people are the real heroes. There I said it.


We spend well over a $trillion a year on warring and imperial pursuits. With what’s happened when one of the smallest things known brings us to our collective knees how much value can you say we get for our taxes? Millions are now suffering and we get a load of gobbledygook from the White House goons. Was this released to “thin the herd”, so to speak? At least I can get food and my meds without which I go by-by. We just may need a different kind of Army, one than care for, and can treat us. And may all the armed forces weather this maelstrom of a pandemic.


In his own imagination, Pwesident Twump is the most essential person of all–and woe betide you if you express doubt in public (see also Rex Tillerson).

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I found this video a wee bit inspiring.