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Who Is Making a Killing on Killing?


Who Is Making a Killing on Killing?

Jodie Evans, Andrew Behar

Our investments are funding war, guns, and militarism at home and around the world. From our personal investments to state pension plans to university trusts, the money that individuals and communities are using for retirement, long-term planning, and even higher education is subsidizing violence in our backyards and other nations. The good news is we have the power to cut our ties to war, guns, and militarism by using a new web-based tool, Weapon Free Funds.


Thank you to Jodie Evans and Andrew Behar. This information has been out there for awhile but people need to be reminded of the role they play when investing and the role they can play when divesting. This and boycotting are the few powerful tools still at our(we the people) disposal.


Most Americans have no idea that the U.S. Military is getting the money that in most other forward thinking countries would be going towards the people in the form of social services, healthcare, education, retirement benefits, and improvements and protections to the land, water, and air we all breathe.

They either are ignorant of the fact, or they just don’t care that they continue to vote for Democrats or Republicans which allocate the majority of funds to the Military Industrial Complex.

It’s a win-win for the Duopoly, and We the People lose because of voters ignorance and apathy.


Great article, CD. Thanks.


This piece is naive. There are no “clean” investment funds.

The entire political-economy of the United States is designed to wage Permanent War against the World. That’s the reason to be of the capitalist empire based in the U.S.

When banking and investments become socialized, then people can make democratic decisions on how to use surplus capital (wealth) created by labor. Until then, capitalists will determine all investment decisions either directly, or through the Duopoly Party that totally controls the U.S. political system.

There is no “Third Way” out of the class war initiated by capitalists.


War is a way of life for Americans even if they don’t know it. It’s been this way since WW II. War has never really stopped for the US. Our economy is structured around war. CEO’s rake in the bucks making missiles that kill many children the world over, There’s outrage at the children separated at the border. So where’s the outrage for the children separated from their mothers because they’re blown to bits by US made missiles? The corporate news never mention how many children are killed from the US’s illegal wars. Just children at the border crying. How about showing the weeping mothers in Yemen carrying their children’s body parts, or even trying to find all the pieces left in the wake of a drone strike. Where’s the goddamn outrage? Well I’m outraged and have been for many years. I don’t like children being separated at the borders but I scream at the hypocrisy in the selective showing certain injustices when blowing children to kingdom come is more outrageous; all while the CEO’s sit in their gated mansions and sip martinis and not care at all what their weapons systems do the the wolrld’s people. How the hell can they sleep at night??


Eloquently and truly spoken.


The bigger problem appears to me to be this: we have developed living and lifestyles based on “having a job,” that is, going to work for another person and depending entirely upon that person and his company/corporation to keep our family alive. Take away the “jobs” and most people would starve to death. Thus we are in a state where the corporate machinery must constantly grind out new everythings every year, including lots and lots of highly profitable war toys. Somehow, when I read the article, I had this bizarre picture of some fat corporate pig sitting naked in front of his 144" TV, watching the missiles strike cities in the Middle East and spanking his monkey. Anyone have a bottle bleach I can drink? Criminy, where did THAT come from???

You know who sets a real example for all of us? The Amish. I used to live in Pennsylvania and drive through Lancaster County regularly. Beautiful land filled with abundant crops, peaceful people who are dedicated to the Christian ideal of pacifism, and not one hint of “needing a job.” Must drive the corporatists nuts to see that.


War is bad business

Divest your sums


My thanks as well for this excellent article. The war machine is indeed creating massive imbalances financially, socially, and ecologically. To solve a problem it’s essential to understand it. A relatively brief, yet deep look at the roots of this machine and how it works is in
“War Profiteer Story”


The French Revolution seemed to be a surprise to many---------I think that will be a possibility here----------sadly many in the French Revolution were killed due to their connections…Lavosier, a great scientist was offed—but then he was a tax collector too.

In a scary way. the oligarchs have made themselves very powerful—
but when peoples’ kids die from disease or starvation, or poisoned water ,no one is safe. France went through several changes, Ropsepierre, and then to Napoleon. and then finally a republic–it was so bad people were eating rats and cats------------ there will be a lot of Madame La Farges no doubt---------history often does repeat itself—at least in violence. : (


Well then completely divest. Cash in your whatevers. There are other ways!
The only people I can see who might be trapped(I mean completely trapped) in investments are trust fund recipients. The least you could do is speak with the trustee about it.


Ultimately, we will be only about war. As we drive businesses, large and small out of the country, we will become a sort of new Sparta. Only respectable job will be warrior. Only product that the lines will produce, more weapons of death and horror. A dreadful confluence of 2nd amendment wishful thinking and mindless “patriotism” will turn us into the nightmare.


Important points about disgusting war profiteers.

I would like to point out, “For 17 years, we have been fighting in the Middle East”. We publicly began bombing Iraq in 1990 and have never stopped. It went from GW Bush’ slaughter, to Clintons non stop bombing during the no fly zone to Dumyas second invasion.

Amerika has been attacking the Middle East for nearly 4 decades.


I fear we are already there and our work is now to somehow come back from the horror that you describe so succinctly and accurately.


With respect, like the vast majority of people in the U.S., I have nothing to divest. The vast majority of private capital is owned/controlled by a very few. That’s why divestment campaigns don’t work. There are some large institutional investors that do PR divestments, but those efforts are so complex and filled with contradictions that they have little value beyond PR. Now when national sovereign funds (which the U.S. does not have) make divestments/investments, the world takes notice.


Interesting that you mention Sparta I. remember my geography text in third grade. It was in the muddle of the Vietnam War. Not much about the grandeur of the ancients, but this little gem about Sparta and Athens . How the Spartans were spartan and trained their boys in war games while Greek fellows were learning literature philosophy music, ar,. How the Athenians were destroyed by the Spartans rather easily after that.Even in third grade I could see his dumb that story was and what it was advocating.


I’ve read that borders of previously occupied areas were drawn up after the world wars by Western powers, splitting ethnic groups intentionally into different countries where they would be minorities so that they could have their needs exploited by outsiders later on.


To CD: The US is not only invested monetarily in war. Not only by occupation of bases, not only by the softer power of overseas factories and businesses, not only by NGOs.

The US MIC invests and influences by movies and TV to control how you think… To divest from this we must refuse to watch war hero stories, police shows, and shows where rude and slapstick-style sadistic opportunistic cruelty is on display.

Listen to music. Play music. Raise a garden , grow potted plants. Teach your kids. Help someone learn English.


yes, that was a time (late 50’s early 60’s) when being an “egghead” was seen as a weakness. I guess military discipline sounds attractive, when presented with the chaos that is our planet these days.