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'Who is She?' Campaign Calls for Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women



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This goes very deep into the roots of colonization and possibly on of the most fruitful areas of focus for justice in the Americas to end the deeply embedded methodology of "forced assimilation", known today as ethnocide/genocide in slomo. To better understand, this article posted by Intercontinental Cry on Aug. 18 looks at the children who are taken from parents and placed in all too frequently devastatingly dissociative foster care, subjected to dubious pharmaceutical treatment and systemic "forced assimilation", the dynamics of which all of us would benefit from becoming very familiar with.


If the majority males who ran the power institutions gave a damn, this issue would not need to come up like separate stitches of an all too common fabric. So many young women just disappear and end up murdered along the Mexican border, and similar statistics stain much of Central America. Of course, in Afghanistan, it's the Taliban; however, strict twisted sects of Islam spread and with them, thee further cessation of women's rights along with a demonization of the feminine. Nor are rape and murder rare within the so-called civilized United States. Toss in the camps of young soldiers in Africa (that hold young females hostage or as sex slaves), and more femicide is added to a sprawling campaign.

The crimes against women, on and off "the reservation" are legion and this shameful ongoing atrocity is itself an expression of patriarchal capitalism. Its root IS misogyny. The devaluation of an entire gender is the uneven foundation that all other race-based, class-based, and ethnicity-based crimes build upon.


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