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Who Is the Audience for the Judiciary Committee Hearing?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/07/who-audience-judiciary-committee-hearing


Prof. Isaac asks, “…who is the audience for Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee Hearing?”

A few paragraphs further on, he answers his own question:

" The most important words in the U.S. Constitution are (found in) the words of the Preamble, beginning with “ We the People .”

As I and others have suggested, these hearings could have been–and still could be, if the requisite political courage were suddenly found–a vital refresher course in civics for a nation that desperately needs one. Removing this monster is just part of the job of rebuilding our nation, a job which will need buy-in from all sectors of society to succeed.


Well reasoned and convincing advice. Pelosi apparently has focused on this one topic in order to protect moderate dems who will have to defend impeachment to potentially hostile audiences. In her mind, one charge, legalisticallyl defined, narrows the scope and reduces inflammatory reactions–specifically that the Dems have wanted to impeach Trump since before the election.

But Isaac’s argument explains why this tactic is actually a loser, and that the core of the process should be not merely what Trump did, but WHY what he did is important. And this type of attack can be liberally applied to the full litany of his notorious behaviors. Such an approach will educate the American people, but it takes a assertive tone to accomplish this, and requires great persuaders just as Isaacs has said. It really is about heart and minds.

And because it is about hearts and minds, as well as about courageous standing up, Pelosi and Schumer must be immediately replaced. What a pity this could not have been accomplished before we went down this road.


Well obviously the intended target audience for the Judiciary Committee hearings is the US Senate–The fact that much of it was blather and pompous pronouncements shows that the House speaks the Senate’s language!

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Bloomington, Indiana.
The only liberal area in the whole state.
The state Whose ’ peoples ’ sent Richard Lugar out of the senate.
A person who earned the Nobel Peace prize with Sam Nunn of Georgia for gathering the soviet nuclear weapons and keeping them from terrorists. But the two are still waiting in line.

The DC democrats are stupid !!
It may be a grave error to use the Mueller verified evidence at this late date. There is enough there to place Trump back in NYC tower. But, Nancy is so friggin smart - she thought the public would convict him in the 2020 election by voting for her candidate. She chose not to impeach using Mueller’s results.
So far, Trump is ahead.

The national polls actually need to be carefully understood. N=1400 with +/- 4.3% error is whacky thinking of a coming victory when we have over 100,000,000 voters.
Please follow the high quality state polls in the midwest = electorial vote count

One thing for sure, modern politics is determined by the media’s microphone and camera like never before. Yeah we have long had mikes and tv cameras but now we have tribe specific internet. For example I never watch Fux News and I doubt someone who does will read CD. Politicians like Trumpo the Clown’s Republicans make unabashed and patently unethical if not amoral use of it to coordinate and organize the thinking of their unquestioning supporters. Trump’s tweets make their appeals to the lowest common denominator and Repubs add to that partisan tribalism by not addressing such universal issues as truth, honesty and ethics. They do not ask the public to judge based on a patriotic support of our own Constitution but only on a partisan tribal basis.

In the thirties the still relatively new concept of mass media (radio) was used to great effect by the amorality cynical fascists. At that time, they had to almost create their media driven tribal support (which they did quite effectively ala their master race baloney) from the beginning. Tribalism is not democracy. ’We the people’ is not ’Some of the people (all of the time)’.

Those who value democracy should be alarmed at what the Repubs are doing. They really are advocating that ‘We the people’ be transformed into ‘Some of the people’! The Dems on the other hand appear to be throwing softballs in a hardball game. If that Repub tribal view of democracy triumphs and Trumpo remains unscathed (or at least unrestricted in what he does) then it will be our democracy that was impeached. Trumpo is scary but when you think about it, the Dems throwing softballs in a hardball game means that they are throwing softballs in defense of our democracy. That seems the scariest thing in the long run.

More egregious than the Judiciary Committee’s narrow focus was Pelosi’s command this week to draft articles of impeachment with the intent of impeaching Trump by year’s end.

The GOP controlled Senate wants nothing more than to have the impeachment handed to them post haste. Trump said so this week and agreed not to prevent witnesses from appearing before the Senate. This will trigger the Senate conducting 9 months of serial hearings orchestrated to make Trump look great and the House Democrats look worse than ever, resulting in Trump winning the electoral college AND the popular vote on November 3, AND the GOP picking up more Senate seats.

Seeing how the Senate will NEVER remove Trump from office there is no risk in the Judiciary Committee continuing their investigation until next November and 100% risk of strengthening Trump’s and the GOP’s hand when if they impeach any sooner.

Call Ralph Nader to testify and lay out the 13 impeachable offenses committed by Donald Trump even if they only vote on a few to send to the Senate. Get them out there for people to talk about. Democrats are doing all they can to make sure Trump wins in 2020 and Tulsi or Bernie loses.

What does it matter? Trump is not going to be impeached. And that is the sad truth.