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Who Isn’t Running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?


Who Isn’t Running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?

Eugene Robinson

It has begun.


Yesssssss! The Dem(olition) (Self)Destruction Derby is on!!! Oh me, oh my… only 23 more months til the final D-Day with enuff political political blood spilt on the greasy slimy Racetrack to Kabuki Nowhere than ever before.

Beats all the other “reality” TV shows combined and leaves a heart all-a-Twitter.


This should be no surprise. The “ratings horserace” has been going on since the first televised Nixon/Kennedy debates. It’s just gotten a lot worse because of more tv (cable) channels. And, what do working Americans have anymore other really shitty tv programs and no more “extra” money to buy their distractive “things”. Let’s just hope that a true liberal/progressive ends up with the nomination with the Democratic party behind him/her AND most importantly more liberal/progressives get elected to both houses of Congress too.


Thanks a lot for that particular downer :frowning:

Any real efforts toward electoral reform must include limits on the length of campaign season (I’m told the Brits regularly dissolve Parliament and hold new elections within 6-8 weeks). Expect media conglomerates, consultants, polling organizations and other “interested parties” to object mightily—but, of course, only on principled 1st-Amendment grounds.


“23 more months” ???

Candidates will all be showing up in Iowa a year from today and by the end of January 2020 Iowa will look like Antietam (figuratively).

A half century ago the POTUS primaries really didn’t get going until June. Now it feels like they start the day after the midterm election.


Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Who is running in the Green Party primaries?


Notice that there’s no speculation about who in his party will (dare) run against The Don.


TJ1, right y’are. We Americans (and even better, our Congress and Courts) are right forgivin’ of The Don, and his wrecking crew (bless our religious hearts). We and they just sit and watch as the “deconstruction of the administrative state” (per Bannon at CPAC in Feb. 2017) continues apace.


Don’t thank TJ1 for that…thanks should go where they rightfully belong: to Congress and the Courts.


And, no, they won’t all be singing the same tune.

Maybe on domestic policy, but I’m not holding my breath that any Democrat nominee will have the courage to seriously challenge the war machine, defense spending and arms sales. Not that the party would ever allow something as dreadful as a pacifist to represent them, anyway. The Democrats having a primary debate on foreign policy would be a non-event.


They’ve already been testing the waters in Iowa and hiring staff there.


As ethanol dilutes gasoline so do excessive Democratic contenders pollute Party waters, along with Progressives cavorting with the enemy:
Hillary Clinton’s controlled Democratic Party stalwarts. “You will know
them by their fruits” (Mt.7.16), but “Can the devil speak true?” (Banquo to Macbeth); yes, but always for evil designs; and there’s no doubt Rudolf Giuliani’s defense of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (consortimnews.com), exposing Hillary Clinton as in league with the evil one, has a hidden pro-Trump agenda; but Progressives need to fight the enemy’s substance, not its shadows. John Atcheson’s post about the war for the Democratic Party places the Party stalwarts clearly in the line of fire.
WikiLeaks, doing its job for democratic government, revealed Hillary, proud friend of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak and receiving Clinton Foundation millions from Saudi Arabia, joking at the knife impaling of Libyan
dictator while stabbing Bernie Sanders in the back. Although she’s a consummate debater; she received the debate questions ahead of time by DLC pres. Donna Brazile. Liar, cheater, greedy war monger; those dancing with her need to be publicly repudiated.
So if Warren is the One, she needs to put the corporate elite Democrats, Pelosi et. al., but especially Joe Biden, for calling Snowden and Assange terrorists, in the trash can where they belong. If not, maybe Progressives need to look for another One.


I guess I will offer to bring the crackers. The whine is already here though.


With the excpetion of Bernie, I trust all of them as far as I can throw them.


Complaints about the “horse race” aspect of election coverage do not come because reporters cover who is or is not ahead. They come because most media do not cover in any meaningful way what politicians’ records are, nor what their policies are.

Short that, we might better be talking about horses.


In the other article on the same exact subject (comments really should be on subjects not articles), Ruth Coniff mentions both Romney and Kasich are rumored to be considering this dare.


True, Romney has already tried to distance himself with his critique of Trump in the Wash. Post the other day.
Get the popcorn and settle in, this one’s going to be entertaining.