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Who Joe Biden Saw—and Didn't See—When He Went to California

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/19/who-joe-biden-saw-and-didnt-see-when-he-went-california

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Solomon, like financial news reporters, needs to remember that numbers are meaningless without perspective. When he says only 500 people showed up to Biden’s LA rally, he fails to indicate the venue’s capacity (was it 600? 20,000?) so without it, we have to guess if this was a good turnout or a bad one. And we shouldn’t just take Solomon’s (implied) word that this was a lousy turnout. It’s just like hearing that the “Dow Jones fell 100 points today,” instead of offering the number in percentage terms.

Didn’t Jeb (please clap) Bush also have many rich donors? And wasn’t he also considered a “front runner”? Wonder whatever happened to ol’ Jeb?


When Sanders held a rally in Minneapolis, they had to abandon the original venue and booked Williams Arena, where the U of M Gophers basketball team plays, because interest in the event almost immediately exceeded the capacity of the original. It was estimated that over 10,000 were in attendance.

Minneapolis is part of a major metropolitan area, but it is not nearly comparable to Los Angeles. If the best Biden could do in LA was 500 people in a city that size, then I’d say that, regardless of venue, that’s a pretty poor showing.

Biden will not win the progressive vote, and without it, Democrats will lose again. It has often been said in the various comments sections that Democrats would prefer Trump to Sanders, and it’s looking more and more like that is the case. So when Biden loses to Trump, how will all those who claimed Hillary lost only because of the misogyny of the electorate and the Bernie Bros spin that?


I wish there was a way of studying the actual effect of all this advertising on a given voter’s choice.

I can only speak for myself, but I can say emphatically that Republicans and corporate Democrats could flood every waking moment of my life with attack ads and I would still vote for the candidate who most closely aligns with the policies I want to see enacted into law. I personally know conservatives who would never vote for anyone but Trump in the upcoming election, no matter how many commercials Liz Warren runs on the Nightly Nooze.

What does all this money really buy, anyway?


If the Dow dropped a 100 points Ol’ Jo Jo would say something to the effect, " it reflects the fact that the new Tesla pickup truck will not meet sales expectations in the near future. The market responded by lowering the value of futures trading in the liithium market. But trust me folks; after our country’s successful interventions in Bolivia and, installing an Opus Dei Catholic like myself, as El Presidente… oh, did I mention that at the local St. Peter’s annual Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Knights of Columbia we prayed for better leadership in our electric car industry and in Bolivia and Venezuela. Where we can create 1 million new jobs in places like Youngstown and Peoria … Oh come on man, give me a break. What was the question, again? Yes, well if we just become one big happy family again the stock market will go up. Catholics will start going to church, again.Tesla will sell trucks and we will all live happily ever after. But, we can’t get there folks, by dividing billionaires from some of their money…now, am I in East Los Angeles or West Los Angeles and, where’s the limousine? I’m meeting some wealthy liberal friends for a Chilean seabass dinner in honor of Pope Pius X, I think. "


BYE! DONE! has only one reason, in my opinion, for not dropping out: EGO!

The DNC will likely do all it can to see that Biden gets the nomination. Which is bad enough…though not as bad as not dissuading him from running. The “Democrat” who greased the skids for Clarence Thomas wants to be preznit.


The preponderance of voters are ignorant of policies and positions unless they are widely advertised. (and advertising costs money) I canvassed for years in a very affluent, college educated area. Most had no idea of what people stood for…but would still have strong opinions based on some type of identity politics. Religion, guns, gender, ethnicity, attractiveness, etc. It was shocking. Those of us who read Common Dreams, Truthdig etc are not the norm. unfortunately.


Biden came through Seattle recently to suck on the Amazon teat. I’m pretty sure he didn’t meet with Kshama Sawant, our socialist city council member.


Uncle Joe did, however, go to Scoop Jackson’s grave and laid a wreath and card on it. It read, " I thought you were a shoo-in with that guns and butter routine. Damn man, what the hell happened? Loved ya’ man. Joe. "

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Though he doesn’t give you a number, “near abundant free parking” in an outdoor venue, strongly implies that the capacity was significantly beyond the number attending.

“Under sunny skies, near abundant free parking, the outdoor rally on the campus of LA’s Trade-Technical College offered a chance to hear the man widely heralded as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.”


A corporate classroots campaign


I’m friends with the President
I’m friends with the Pope
We’re all making a fortune
Selling Daddy’s dope

“We’re A Happy Family” - the Ramones


If Uncle Joe gets the nomination we’ll all want to be sedated. The whole famn damily, too.

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Biden’s vote to invade Iraq is a millstone that will prevent him from ever winning the White House.

Why would anyone judge the turnout based on the size of the venue?

Scenario 1: Biden schedules a rally in a hotel room that can hold 10 people. Fifteen people show up, it’s an overflow crowd, so the rally is a success!

Scenario 2 : Bernie schedules a rally in a sports arena that holds 20,000. Only 18,000 people show up, ten percent of the seats are vacant, so the rally is a failure.

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Yep! And Biden could also be in California to size up his potential running mate…Pamela Harris.

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I hope that you are right — I am not counting on it, though.

Roger Stone was the master of running a decoy candidate to split the opposition’s vote. I think these strategies have been worked out. No one would be backing Biden if not for specific tactical needs.