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Who Killed Pakistan’s Sabeen Mahmud?


Who Killed Pakistan’s Sabeen Mahmud?

Jahanzeb Hussain

Sabeen Mahmud, the director of The Second Floor, Karachi’s hub for progressive and enlightened talks and events, was shot dead after leaving the centre on Friday evening.


As we have often noted on this site, pity any indigenous people who live atop resources coveted by the MIC.

The article fails to draw any parallels between Pakistan’s treatment of the Baloch and Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinians.

Pakistan, on the other hand, knows how crucial it is for its economic future to “develop” Balochistan through Chinese investment.

Crucial to whom?



The economic and political elite; but of course it was a rhetorical question


Sabeen, a simple, kind heated intellectual unfortunately was used by handful of insurgents; Insurgents who are few but callous and ruthless. Kills innocent civilians, laborers just to remain in news. The discussion arranged by Sabeen couldn’t fetch any media attention but those whom she was helping targeted her to make a big news item, to malign an intelligence agency and to create a hype on social media.
For those who doesn’t know much about Baluchistan, this vast but thinly populated land is indirectly governed by the Sardars (trible chiefs) who would not like education, awareness and opportunities for the common Baluch; they are ruthless; treat their tribesmen as their slaves and some of them are playing in the hands of foreign intelligence agencies.
Activists like Sabeen (May God rest her soul in peace) are too simple to understand their handlers and fall prey to their game. Great game is on in Baluchistan.


You need to substantiate this claim.



Jahanzeb Hussain… this article is way too biased and seems practically a preconceived premeditated line of accusations against Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. The same impression therefore, renders authenticity of your statements made in this article highly doubtful and questionable.

I would appreciate a lot more if you investigated the reasons for the missing persons going missing. Instead of picturing Baluchistan an autonomous piece of land unrelated to Pakistan, pls straighten out your facts first. Baluchistan is a province of Pakistan and is governed by its local people mostly just like Punjab or Sind where ruling people mainly hail from same province. I also fail to understand how in your considered opinion, with Chinese corroboration, development of Baluchistan should be bad for people of Baluchistan. ALL the manpower at field level initially and later at executive levels too is bound to originate from Baluchistan if Gawadar port develops and economic corridor is constructed through the lengths of our dearest Baluchistan.

Your one sided analysis of putting the blame of Sabeen Mahmood’s murder to agencies right after Unsilencing Baluchistan 's fake bable show orchestrated by ALL questionable characters looks nothing but a paid effort for some insignificant temporary monetary gain and is regretted.

Kindly stop this propaganda as this makes you a lesser Pakistani than it makes you as a friend of our foes.
Regards and peace. No offense meant pls.


A very simple question, Who killed Pakistan’s Sabeen Mahmud. A simple answer, those who got benefited out of this uncalled for killing. Now, a Million dollars question remains to be answered, who benefited, killing this poor lady, who get herself involved unknowingly, only for money?. However, If we analyse the recent happenings in our country, as well as in our surroundings, its not a very difficult science to understand that who is behind all is turmoil type of situation, one can make it very easily that one particular section of people though in minority but having their allegiances with a neighboring country behaving as a rouge country in the affairs of middle east and within Pakistan as well are openly instrumental to create an environment in the country to bring its armed forces under pressure, including this arranged murder by the agents of neighboring country to defame the most disciplined forces of the world at international level through their dirty negative activities. Concocted & malicious stories are even being spread to achieve their motives.

If we analyse the names of those who are mostly involved in this smear campaign rather directly or indirectly pointing this arranged murder by the agents of neighboring country in a planned manner against our armed forces are 100 % those who are operating on the behalf of our so called Muslim brotherly country , One can easily make it with the names of those puppets, its a long long list out to back stab Pakistan. Plus a major TV Channel having its links with another neighboring country, openly having hostile attitude towards Pakistan with its owners belonging to a community having allegiances with Iran are in forefront to bring our armed forces to its knees. People of Pakistan got to understand how its enemies have waged a hidden war against our country.
Now, out of blue, Poor Sabeen Mahmud has become a is a darling of those out to draw a wedge between Pakistan’s friendly relations with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab countries.