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Who Knows What Other Surprises the Fool Has in Store for Us?


Who Knows What Other Surprises the Fool Has in Store for Us?

Christopher Brauchli

"Always creative, the Trumpeters have now come up with a brand new idea on how to control illegal immigration."

immigrant child with mother


Thank You Christopher for speaking so plainly to call the Resident Fool (and many other descriptives beside!) out for his inhumanity and contempt for so many and so much, not least of which is truth!

We need many more people of good conscience and courage, especially those with a national coverage and status, to do likewise and expose the hideous nature of this person as the media - Fourth estate has betrayed our nation and people to evade their responsibility to our republic and so-called democracy itself, that does not work and cannot exist absent the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. All the best!.


A lot of issues relating to poor administration of immigration issues do precede the Fool’s ascension to his gold-plated tweeting throne. I think we the conscientious should also pause and ponder what is it in our fellow citizens that allows them to carry out such draconian orders? Oh yes, debt servitude and desperation. Well, the Fool sure ain’t helping on those…


This is not creative - it is obscene and barbaric, and if we allow it to continue we are just as guilty as the “Trumpeters.” We may not be allowing the physical death of these children, as in the Nazi concentration camps, but by allowing them to be separated from their parents like this, we are allowing the worst kind of psychological devastation of helpless children by instilling profound fear and God knows what other degenerate evils. How long will we continue to condone these degenerate tactics?!


Well, way overdue to take a good hard look at the human rights issues in the countries of central and south America under predatory corporate capitalism. The framing, in all senses of the word, by the latter defines more about the state of the world than any “policy”. ALL of what is happening is due to the sclerotic ideas left over from the fundamental practice of "externalization"of costs which is THE ONLY WAY that predatory capitalism can mount and penetrate life on this planet.

The drumph is a hired gun (the agreement having been “externalized”/not explicitly - but instead DIRECTLY ACTED ON. In the universal observation that ‘like recognizes like’ , the similarities MUST become as hegemonic as possible, by monopolization, by shutting down the agencies of governance that prevent the psychotic rationalizations such as poisoning and polluting the planet for profit; playing instead the media finger-pointing game of distraction with the lens and rhetoric so highly polished and loud, that the pervasive dependency on GENOCIDE, ECOCIDE and playing a rhetorical game of naming a system - to which all the victims must kiss ass, as “democracy” when the practices being perfected are those of neo-feudalism.

Pay very close attention to the rearing up of division, destruction, hyper-militarization and fomenting of genocide by this sick cabal, because it is being implanted throughout the predation system. Know it by its actions.


I’m reminded that ‘throne’ is also a euphemism for toilet.


…and that when you’re sitting on it, it’s usually because you’re full of…


This policy is unbelievably and unnecessarily cruel and inhumane. I can’t believe the depths to which our depravity has sunk! I am ashamed of the U.S.!


Never underestimate the horrors that can be imagined by a small, vicious mind. No doubt, more to come.

Yes, it’s hard not to keep focusing on Trump, but the more relevant and serious issue is the culture and political system that put such a monster in a position of authority, in the first place. A more relevant question is not what horrors, but, rather, why has our political system allowed him to inflict these horrors? Trump is not an anomaly. He’s the product of the corrupt and diseased political system and a culture that put him in power.


" The restriction was imposed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in early December. That agency banned the use of certain words such as “fetus,” “transgender,” and five other words in budget documents prepared by its staff. " The way I understood the vocabulary restriction was that it was placed onto the CDC not by the CDC.

The policy of detaining refugees in itself is akin to sequestering those of Japanese and German heritage during the second world war. In addition how about having widespread discussion with regards to the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia in the genocidal assault in Yemen and against the apartheid regime in Israel. The populations who do not speak against these policies can be consider complicit. I know that it difficult to awaken our fellow citizens to these immoral practices because I too have friends and family members who eyes glass over whenever an uncomfortable.

Worldwide Fascism is on the rise. My guess is that people have too much, they are not suffering from hunger and are sold on being afraid that the refugees that are leaving war torn and other areas which are intolerable to life. With global warming and drought and the interest rates enforced by the World Bank and the IMF the increase in refugees will increase. Fear of refugees will only promote more unease and wars. And the rich will get richer on the profits of war. Will we never learn?


A state I find myself in each and every day.


We, the People should take a lesson from this and ban the word, Trump.

Fool, is the perfect replacement.


What a retarded hypocrite the retard-in-chief is – he separates children from their parents and yet he couldn’t bear to be apart from Ivanka for even a day!


Does that make Trump and his gold-plated ‘throne’ the king of sh*t? :thinking::hugs:


Maybe he’s the piss[ant] king …


You can come live in Hamiltonia – I moved here a few years ago. :hugs:


At the grocery store earlier today there were a couple of old codgers talking about “what a wonderful job their [not mine] president is doing” … proves what a goddamned backward state nebrasky is!


Everytime there is a story about Israel committing more sins against the Palestinians I have a hard time seeing Israel’s behavior as much different than what Hitler did to them. I do firmly believe what Hitler did was so despicable that there are truly no words for how criminal it was, but one would think that doing anything even remotely similar would be the last thing they would ever do!


wolfess said " I have a hard time seeing Israel’s behavior as much different than what Hitler did to them." Understanding HATE and the behavior which results from the thought patterns of hate seems incomprehensible. But hate is used as a tool to instill fear and insecurity which can be whooped up with further propaganda as a war chant. Could it be that everyone needs a scapegoat, fall guy and etc.
I do try to understand all of this and hard as it may be I do try to force my friends and relatives who have locked up minds (voted for pus gut and other rethgs) well I do try to…I do try to help them to think a (Little???)


This might be the brainchild of that sleazy little snot-nosed goon Stephen Miller. That young man is really creepy.