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Who Leaked—And Why—the Dozens of Questions Mueller Wants to Ask Trump?


Who Leaked—And Why—the Dozens of Questions Mueller Wants to Ask Trump?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Did Trump's own legal team leak the questions that the president is so upset about on Tuesday morning?

While it appeared that perhaps nobody ever told President Donald Trump the old adage of the cover up being worse than the crime, the president on Tuesday morning announced, "It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened!"


Trump loves leaks, so the pee-tape narrative goes. If Trump himself is the source, just read them for spelling, punctuation, grammar and LOGIC and all will be revealed.


What’s “disgraceful” is the hateful behavior, actions fomenting violence and racism, lack of morality and overall mental instability and vindictive malignant nature of trump…worst, most corrupt, immoral prez ever…along with his entire Cabinet and staff.


Dowd did the deed.


Mueller is not stupid, people. He gave the White House those questions with the expectations that they would leak them.
Mueller already has everything he needs. He’s doing what all good prosecutors do. He threw the accused a rope and pointed to a tree. Now he’s going to sit back and see if Trump is dumb enough not only tie a knoose, but put it around his own neck, stand on a chair, throw the knoose over a branch, and offer to jump off.
The last thing in the world any prosecutor wants to do is hang you. They want you to hang yourself. Trump and his idiot acolytes will no doubt sound off about these questions in the pubic forum. They will inadvertently answer most of them while Muellers people watch on tv and scan Twitter.
And this idiot is in charge of a nuclear arsenal.


Talk about “skullduggery”.


Not to mention last Friday on Fux and Fiends, the P ‘resident’s’ interview was possibly the ‘stupidest’ rambling that ANY POTUS has made publically…EVER! I mean, holy shit…


The kabuki theater never ends…it just goes on and on and on…


I thought the same thing – Mueller’s team leaked it so the dotard could see the questions – realize he couldn’t lie (b/c we all know Mueller already has the answers to these questions) – and, with the help of his legal counsel (such as it is now), decide the best thing to do is resign and hope Pence becomes president and pardons him.
*If Trump refuses to sit down with Mueller – especially if Mueller legally forces him – wouldn’t that be one more charge of obstruction of justice?
And if he agrees to meet with Mueller and lies he really will be throwing that noose over the branch in preparation for hanging himself!


Exactly. And the U.S. “left” eats it up.


Meuller is a fascist bureaucrat and one of the successors of J.Edgar Hoover. How can leftists/progressives support him in anything. By depending on Meuller/Comey and that gang, we are endorsing the Police State.


Mueller didn’t leak these questions. Here’s the Times story;

“The list of questions grew out of those negotiations. In January, Mr. Trump’s lawyers gave Mr. Mueller several pages of written explanations about the president’s role in the matters the special counsel is investigating. Concerned about putting the president in legal jeopardy, his lead lawyer, John Dowd, was trying to convince Mr. Mueller he did not need to interview Mr. Trump, according to people briefed on the matter.

Mr. Mueller was apparently unsatisfied. He told Mr. Dowd in early March that he needed to question the president directly to determine whether he had criminal intent when he fired Mr. Comey, the people said.

But Mr. Dowd held firm, and investigators for Mr. Mueller agreed days later to share during a meeting with Mr. Dowd the questions they wanted to ask Mr. Trump.

When Mr. Mueller’s team relayed the questions, their tone and detailed nature cemented Mr. Dowd’s view that the president should not sit for an interview. Despite Mr. Dowd’s misgivings, Mr. Trump remained firm in his insistence that he meet with Mr. Mueller. About a week and a half after receiving the questions, Mr. Dowd resigned, concluding that his client was ignoring his advice.”

People briefed on the matter aren’t the Special Counsel or the prosecutors—they know what they have already. Like most Times articles, it comes from the Trump side is my bet, just like most Times articles on HRC emails were sourced to Jason Chaffetz’s subcommitttee in the House.


I read these 2 articles on Alternet … one of them agrees with your take and the other one says Mueller is using this to ‘play’ Trump
How do you tell what’s true? Somebody said the questions were too sophomoric to have been written by a professional, but the last time I tried to look at the questions the site said I didn’t have permission to be there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And by the way, I was going to respond to your last message when we were talking about your Prius and my Element, but when I was writing my response CD said I had commented to you enough, and to send a pm if I still had something to say …


The leaker? My money is on Ghouliani.


Rule one for an experienced prosecutor: Never ask questions you don’t already know the answer to.

My fondest wish: Another Fox & friends interview with Trump in which innocuous questions prompt him to give more rambling, shambling and self-incriminating responses.

Trump’s politically incorrect and dishonest pronouncements got him elected. But they could easily end up being his undoing.


I think people are speculating too much. The only person of real significance whose story is told is Dowd’s, Trump’s former attorney. The Times’s sources have all been sourced to the defense and this one looks the same. Sean Hannity and the president are now in the “prosecution leaked” kick, which almost certainly means it came from the Trump team.


I think the post story here pretty much confirms the questions came from Trump’s people:

These are dangerous times, with a Congress actively trying to disrupt an investigation, an unhinged president in the White House, a rightwing media, and certain elements of the progressive community that can’t see what it would mean to have a criminal conspiracy run the country with the cooperation of distant and dangerous fossil fuel oligarchs.


Mueller? Get real. This guy is now the darling of the opposition?



What am embarrassing article to post, and an embarrassment for “progressives” to invest any time reading. Members of one house of Congress are drafting impeachment articles for Rosenstein. McGovern and Parry ought to get an online petition going to support the effort. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity will likely promote them on their shows. And the weird nexus between conspiratorial right and left can continue its dalliance in support of a corrupt and dangerous administration.

What is hilarious, is the questions they refer to in the article came from Trump’s team. The Post clarified the source and they were drawn up by Jay Sekulow, not the Special Counel’s Office. What’s more, they buy completely the framing of the Times, which demonstrates how little they know about the case. By regurgitating the same iterations of nonsense they always do, they keep Trump-defending “progressives” in the church of BS knowledge.