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Who Loves Bernie? Everyone!


Who Loves Bernie? Everyone!

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While it seems that the American public holds a dim view of most of its elected officials these days, a recent Fox News poll highlighted one lawmaker who has seemingly won over the majority of voters: Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The survey, published Wednesday, found that 61 percent of respondents said they view the Independent senator from Vermont, an avowed Democratic socialist, favorably.


We, The Berners, be Jahmin' with the Leader of the Free World! We know him as Bernie - a kind. gentle soul, but tough as nails, right up there with Mahatma Gandhi! Today, Day 57, is truly an Irie Patty Friday!


Seeing how our local faux news audience is shifting from scorning the Clintons and Obamas to scorning Sanders, the network must be turning Sanders into the new commie threat to keep their audience salivating.

Although the right wing was confident that the Democrats would keep Sanders on a short leash during the 2016 election and therefore never felt threatened by him, they now see Sanders currying favor with many Trump voters, thereby making him a threat to the GOP.


The current Republican Party is "ground up." The current Democrats are "top down."
Bernie knows this better than anyone. When will he realize that the Democratic Party cannot be changed changed from within.


What a contrast: a gentle man of strength, integrity, and grace who is filled with loving-kindness; and on the opposite end of the human spectrum is a greedy, mean-spirited, weak, evil shell of a man filled with anger and revenge who looks into his magic mirror everyday and asks who is the greatest, sexiest, smartest, most powerful man of all (and when he turns his back to leave the room, it shatters into shards with shame). To whom would kind, compassionate, socially conscious human beings gravitate...?

A contrast comparable to heaven vs hell.



Thanks for watching faux news and reporting on it so I don't have to... The real test will be if the usual red-baiting and "he will raise your taxes!" still works among the masses of USAns nowadays. If it does not, then there can finally be progress.


Well, if by "ground" you mean wealthy business owners flying the Gadsden or Trump flag outside their mcmansions, I guess your characterization of the Republicans is correct.

Bu Yes, the democratic party is definitely a top-down club of exclusive rich socialite snobs - although Perez and Ellison are not and hopefully will ease the Pelosi's and Clintons out the door.


Having lived in VT it was interesting to see Bernie consistently pull a huge % of Republican votes away from the Repub candidate, people trusted Bernie, it didn't make any difference what party they were in, they knew Bernie was acting and talking in good faith. Another palpable threat that Bernie poses is to the establishment, bought-off, corporate democrats, the DNC folks who have as their number one, primary goal to destroy any Progressive movement because that is THE threat to their gravy train. The democrats of Perez/David Brock/HRC et al do not care about our health care or free education...they want war, a robust cancer/sickness industry, Wall St mega wealth, etc. Folks should check out justicedemocrats.com as a viable foil against the democrats.


Good news. I am contacting Liz Warren and asking her to co-sponser Bernie's single-payer health care bill as soon as it comes out. Wrote a scathing letter to the other US Senator here in Vermont for sitting on the fence regarding single payer and for not having endorsed Bernie.

OK Done.


Do you know anything at all about Tom Perez at all? It is usually a good idea to at least take a look at the Wikipedia article before you open your mouth:


All we need to know is that he's Obama's boy. That's says it all.


He's still popular, even though he's a fraud, his role being to continue to legitimize the two-party, American system of government, thereby keeping so-called "liberals" and "Progressives" from opting out or actually revolting.

Not unlike FDR, who could have chosen to introduce socialism but opted to "save capitalism" instead. His New Deals sort-of worked, but it was WW2 that really ended the Depression. The problem is, his choice of remedy (somewhat regulated capitalism over socialism) led directly to the mess we find ourselves in today.


"One would think with numbers like that, Democratic politicians would be falling all over themselves to be associated with Sanders, especially considering the party as a whole is more unpopular than the Republicans and even Donald Trump right now."

They want to be associated with him for his email list and to ride his popularity coattails in search of the millennials, they just don't want to be associated with him on the issues.


And you are impressed with that Wikipedia???, of course we know about his bio. As I alluded, he is NOT a Progressive, nor is HRC, Brock, DWS or the rest of the bought off, corporate-teat sucking, phonies that make up the establishment democrats.


Thanks to anti-democracy apparatuses like the electoral college, voter ID laws, etc., we, the majority, are being ruled by the thirty percent--This includes the tea party, Trump voters, the religious fringe and the fringe fringe--They're all part of the future historical summation of this recent political era: an African-American man was elected and re-elected president, and thirty percent of the country totally lost their shit!--Now, we see an opportunity to elect a Democratic Socialist president as backlash to the backlash?--As Devo says Whip it good!


The " Pay to Play " UniParty's right-center/right fringe coalition is quite unpopular, it appears. It's " comfort the most comfortable " policies, with yet more unearned tax cuts, unneeded special medical benefits and more defense spending is a poll loser, too. The UniParty Oligarchy of 1%er phony hucksters and their bought pols ( unpatriotic elites. ), now see Sen. Sanders' progressive Democratic Socialist programs with a bemused smirk on their faces, to boot. The 1%ers very effectively smashed the Democratic Party in 2016 for at least a couple of years, exposing the puniness of their weak-kneed " pragmatic accommodation politics " to The Establishment and Wall Street. And, it simultaneously is now taunting them with " just try and go left and we'll spend another three billion bucks crushing you and your $27 man ". A win-win for their bottom line; as the country's institutional safeguards unravel, the Corporate State will charge in and take over ( see public lands sell off, toll bridges, bad insurance, private prisons, pollutants everywhere, etc ).
Seeing Sen. Sanders' popularity here is not comforting, it is disconcerting actually. Because, if you understand how decrepit and discombobberated the United States is now, you will also see by this poll that it has no electable trustworthy leadership, either. Sanders will never be allowed to be a candidate for the Presidency. That will never happen ( see DNC Chairman vote ). The UniParty will never let him, and his progressive allies, anywhere near the White House. They'll spend whatever it takes to stop that; and, you can take that to the bank, for sure.


What does "Obama's Boy" mean?

Perez was a the Dept. of Labor cabinet secretary - and a good one - greatly increasing enforcement actions against labor law and workplace safety scofflaws during his term - recovering many millions of dollars in recovered wages and reinstating thousands of unfairly fired workers to their jobs.

But I'm sure I am already getting too complicated for you and making your brain hurt.


“THEIR Priorities: increased defense spending, border wall construction, detention centers, private prison facilities and staff costs on the backs of cities!, (and in their pockets, spent on luxuries, expensive pleasures?).

by 2018 if not SOONER,
(emphasis on sooner).


What does "progressive" mean? What have you done to defend worker rights?


Yunzer -- Face it: You're a Democrat corporatist.