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Who Needs the Dakota Access Pipeline?


Who Needs the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Frank Ackerman

The final link of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) can now be built, thanks to a recent decision by the Army Corps of Engineers (although the Cheyenne River Sioux have filed a last-minute suit to stop it). In light of the disappointing but unsurprising federal approval of the pipeline, it is worth pausing to ask who and what DAPL is good for.

Who needs the pipeline? There are four main answers: three are silly and one is dangerous.


If OPEC increases the price of oil by cutting off supplies, OPEC can also subsequently crash the market by flooding it.

I do hope the people of Standing Rock are at least offered some form of insurance for when their water supply becomes spoiled.

I really wish that the pipeline was sent by Bismark as it had originally been planned. Sure is funny how the exact same pipeline has a risk of leaking and hurting people when it’s put next to a population of white people but is totally safe and trustworthy when sent next to an Indian Reservation. Someone please try to explain to me how racism isn’t at play here.


The one valid reason for the pipeline that I can find is that it would replace the oil trains that are now endangering many of our communities. So if oil is going to be transported from North Dakota I would say a pipeline is a safer way to do it than using trains or even trucks. But there is a big environmental justice issue. Why is it going through a route that could pollute the drinking of the Standing Rock Sioux if there is a leak, which is certainly possible? The route was changed to avoid polluting the drinking water of a much more populated area but the present route raises environmental justice concerns that should be addressed.


No one can explain, because racism is blatantly at play here!


As citizens of the United States of America I think we should prepare for war. The United States Army Corps of Engineers will play a big part in making sure we are prepared for this war. Not only will the Dakota Access Pipeline create a few jobs before we go to war but we will have our own oil and can ship overseas any surplus oil. Once engaged in this war many more people will have jobs build planes and helicopters, guns and ammunition, hospitals and training schools, food and uniforms. Private military companies like Blackwater, no XE, no Academi will put our hard earn tax dollars to work again. What kind of an economy would we have without war? This is why building the Dakota Access Pipeline make such good sense. This must be a very difficult decision for the United States Army Corps of Engineers who mission is to protect our most valuable natural resource, water. Pipelines leak oil so very often that the United States Corps of Engineers has gained great expertise in managing the despondent water protectors and has the engineering know-how needed to clean up oil spills around bodies of water. The data is not in yet on the need for clean water, but the data is in on the need for jobs. Am I wrong to think we have no economy without jobs in the Department of Defense, United States Army Corps of Engineers? What jobs would there be without the National Security Agency or Homeland Security or the prison industrial complex or Locked Martin, with its many next generation crafts ready for combat? Think jobs and war, not clean water. Put your faith in wars, no water. Right? Right. Right. And Right again.


The Oaf of Pennsylvania Avenue is a Kleptocrat, pure and simple. And yes, expect war to break out anytime soon.


good question, smitty! you know, i’ve always–even as a grade schooler–self defined as a promoter of peaceful coexistence, but you have opened my eyes. ugh, peace! where’s the profit in that!? you know what? if it were not for war, so many of the wonderful technological conveniences we take for granted would not even exist. for instance consider something as simple canned fruits and vegetables. yep! the military of any expanding empire moves on its stomach and canning solves so many problems. “During the first years of the Napoleonic Wars, the French government offered a hefty cash award of 12,000 francs to any inventor who could devise a cheap and effective method of preserving large amounts of food.” so many other great time-saving inventions might not exist had war not required more effective killing tools. if whirlpool had not made its fortune in war manufacturing, we might not have state of the art washers and dryers. and think about the convenience of popping the evening meal in the microwave for a few minutes! without such great time savers how would modern day homemakers ever manage two part time jobs, keep the family fed AND get all the clothes clean in one evening?

ugh war! what is it good for?” job creation that’s what! the automobile industry, the fossil fuel industry, lockhheed martin, boeing, raytheon and others might be forced to lay off thousands of employees. we might still be living in an agrarian society had not these great concerns brought people in droves out of the country side flocking into the cities for employment opportunities. as the song says “money makes the world go 'round!” a capitalistic system must always and continuously increase profits or atrophy. in order to accomplish this machines are built to handle the work of hundreds of humans. now, one operator and one maintenance man can do the work of hundreds. okay, that does create a system where we have way more job seekers than job openings. no problem! young job hunters can join the military, putting their lives on the line killing brown skinned people across the globe. sure that creates lots of displaced refugees, which in turn creates more openings for homeland security and the nsa! the dakota sioux, the people in flint michigan and all of us need to get our priorities straight! do we really want to sacrifice this booming economy for a slower paced sustainable ecology?


It certainly is at play. Also, when more and more people DEMAND the use of clean energy and stop just being turned off by any higher price, then oil for energy will be cut down.


Of course we want to turn this insanity off and have a slower paced sustainable economy. Mass is number one state for use of clean energy! The US for the last forty years or so has been fighting wars of choice. The latest one is the forever war on terror. The US kills civilians in countries in the middle east and calls them collateral damage, Disgusting! The use of tech and robots replacing humans is insane and the use of a smart genius type designer gone mad. Live simply, only buy what you need ( you’d be surprised), and boycott banks that support these companies that pollute the Earth and promote ongoing war.


Remember Obama ordered troops into Poland before he left office.


Are you advocating for war or are you being sarcastic? I certainly hope it’s the latter. It’s a lot easier to talk about it than to actually be involved in it. My late dad served in WW2. Besides, the US HAS been at war for the last fifteen plus years. Unfortunately, the conditioning of war versus a sustainable economy has been in the psych of our government for many decades. However, think about this : in the fifties and early sixties we had relative peace and our economy for the middle class greatly increased especially with the increased building of our highways. Our infrastructure is falling apart and states can only take care of so much. That’s what we need to focus on- our own backyard for a change!


i wasn’t sure, but decided smitty was talking tongue in cheek. bazinga! so, i responded tongue in cheek.


Yoo! Believer in something bad has to happen so something good can happen. March on Christian soldier marching off to war with the cross of Jesus marching on before. You have great faith in The Mammon Corporate Empire. Be careful with your karma.


just the opposite. i thought your post was satire so joined the fun. so? you really believe fiat dollars are better than clean drinking water? :scream:


Glad your life is so fine you can invoke satire. Have fun vacationing in the Hamptons.