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Who Owes Who an Apology and Will "Palestine" Be Allowed on Canadian Airwaves?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/who-owes-who-apology-and-will-palestine-be-allowed-canadian-airwaves


The Israeli/Zionist racist taking by force and ethnic cleansing of PALESTINE has been their agenda since (and before) 1948 and has metastasized ever since! That agenda ignores and violates International Law and all norms of humanity, and truth of the “conflict”

The Crimes Against Humanity, subversion, and attacks on other nations, include Lebanon and the US with the 1967 Israeli attack and cover-up of the USS Liberty. Examples of the supremacist racist mindset and actions of Israel and their rabid supporters, including fomenting wars against “enemies”, are too numerous to list!

PALESTINIANS have born Israeli crimes, brutality, and ethnic cleansing enforcing the Occupation of the PALESTINIAN Territories (including the Golan, Negev, and Gaza ), assassinations of PALESTINIAN leaders and murders of civilian men, women, children and unarmed International Protesters in a premeditated racist/supremacist agenda of Crimes Against Humanity and genocide of PALESTINIAN culture, for over a half century that continues and accelerates under the right-wing trump and netanyahu regimes!

BDS! Zionism IS Racism! Free PALESTINE!


The CBC seems to be loaded with those with a jewish background when you consider the bent of thier programming in many cases. Just as our government caters to them. How many know that thier is a CIPAC? ( Canada Israeli Public Affairs Committee) WHY ??

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Even though CBC is a publicly owned network, the corporation got gutted after several right wing governments (Conservatives) required CBC to rely on corporate funding (i.e. ads) to remain. Immediately after these cuts to CBC’s budget, left wing view points were watered down or ignored. Now Canadians get censored on their website for criticizing Israel or the U.S. government despite the horrendous crimes that both countries commit daily. CBC has also replaced fair and biased writers and editors in favour of “corporate friendly” personnel in their quest to prove that the Crown corporation will cater to Wall Street (and “Bay St.” in Canada) interests.
Though most Canadians are far to the left of the U.S. and cling to their left wing institutions (like universal healthcare and post office), many Canadians have also fallen victim to the perpetual mainstream propaganda they are subjected to on television and in print. The right wing has attempted to latch on to this disgruntled and misinformed group to help powerful corporations erase many of the public gains over the years. It is a consequence of sharing the 8,891 km border with a country hell bent on crushing the 99%.
If corporations are successful in highjacking the Canadian MSM, as it has done in the U.S., Canada could end up being a basket case just like their neighbours to the south.


Micah 2:1-2 comes to mind with the annexation of Palestinian land.

Micah 2:1 Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. 2 And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage.


C olonialism
B y
C ensorship


Well said !

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I have to admit that this story surprises me, given how hyper-prog the CBC has become. My radio dial was welded to CBC for decades, although in recent years I don’t listen to the station very often. The Current itself has become unlistenable, as it seems every piece they air is about some transgender single mother refugee from Somalia who has to deal with her history of sexual abuse at the hands of teachers in her residential school.

To hear that the CBC censors the word “Palestine” is an affront to CBC listeners, to free speech, to human rights, and to common decency.

Mind you, the CBC has nothing on the Zionist entity when it comes to censorship. A few years ago, CBC TV news used to have spokesmen from the Israeli side and the Palestinian side give their views on events in Palestine. The Israeli was named Dore Gold, and the Palestinian was Abdel Aziz Rantisi.

The Israelis apparently didn’t like what Rantisi had to say, so they killed him with Hellfire missiles. That shut him up.

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Please do not conflate Jewish with Israeli.

Danny Finkleman was a radio god.

The BBC in the UK faces the same sort of kickback from the population as they too turn into a mouthpiece for propaganda. This happened long ago to PBS in the USA. People that listen are simply unaware it happens as the news those stations present appears to be progressive as they take on many topics that would not have been touched before (Womens rights, LBQT rights and so on)

Here in Canada the CBC will have all manner of programs during the day supporting Environmental issues, women’s issues, First Nations issues , stories on poverty and homelessness.

As those that tend to listen to such programming tend to be more progressive this type of programming becomes a vehicle for propaganda in that issues they do NOT talk about (Such as Palestine) act to “disappear” those issues.

There was a lot of kickback to this in Canada. That shows people are to an extent aware of what goes on. Once that kickback stops we are in real trouble.

From my perspective all I need to know is this. The vast majority if Israeli Jews in Israel are descended from Colonists that started arriving from Europe and elsewhere in the 1930s and right after WW2. The vast majority of Palestinians that live there have been there for well over 1000 years. Genetic tests show that the Palestinians in great part are descended from Canaanites who lived there many more thousands of years.

Israel is an invading and Colonizing nation. This area is Palestinian.


This article shows how the media is co-opted with its pro Israeli bias here in Canada. Remember this in spite of what the masses of people believe. The Media is trying to change the mindset of the people and this very deliberate. It much more in depth then the one above detailing how the Media works to silence the Palestinian voice and even bodies of so called Journalists formed to protect “freedom of the press” play a role in this.

Again this not about individual opinions believing Israel in the right. It about Corporations colluding to direct the Journalists as to what they can write and silencing those that do not comply.


Here is a companion piece from The Intercept re: subversion of Canadian government, sovereignty and Independence by rabid pro-israel forces, much like has been done over decades in the US via the treasonous AIPAC Fifth Columnists - the darlings of the trump regime and evangelical “religious” nutters.

Canadians should nip this organized subversion in the bud, before they find themselves as compromised as the US by a foreign entity that cares only about their illegal territorial expansionism by force, supremacist mindset/beliefs, and wholesale ethnic-cleansing of Palestine to be a Jewish state only (and opportunists that use religion for ordinary theft) the Eretz Israel of their mythology and extremist racism.