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Who Put the NRA in Charge of Our National Security?


Who Put the NRA in Charge of Our National Security?

Marian Wright Edelman

“I have supported legislation in the past which would place reasonable and careful restrictions on the use of firearms, and I am co-sponsoring S.1… I believe this bill would impose necessary controls without unduly curtailing the use of firearms for legitimate sport shooting or hunting, and without curtailing the lawful activity of sport gun clubs.


With the Raygun revolution accelerating rightward movement of the GOP during the early 80s and the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) focusing the Democratic Party's mission on getting more corporate money than the GOP, the NRA had an open invitation to buy unlimited influence in the bast congress money can buy.

The NRA's mission soon became solely focused on selling more guns and ammo with second amendment talking points thrown in to grease their propaganda machine.


We live in myths.

Mythology was not something that happened in a remote past. Its archetypal stories remain real and present.

Mrs. wright-Edelman is every bit the persona of Demeter, the great Mother Goddess who argues for the safety of her children. And as was the case during the inception of mythology, she must argue her case before the great Zeus, head of the all-male governing board of Olympus.

Top-down formations are not natural. After all, what they implicitly state is that some people are more honorable and worthy than others. That a few are fit to lead and the rest must follow. And in order to keep these patriarchal hierarchies in place, armies are required. For who would obey such idiocy were there not a lot of naked aggressive force in place to back it up?

More than mythology, there is Universal Law. So while I agree with Mrs. Wright-Edelman, that background checks are a beginning step in stopping the inevitable, ongoing carnage... until such time as both the NRA and the MIC are essentially bound and gagged so that ALL killing stops, karmic blowback will continue to happen.

What U.S. leadership--too much of it led by underground alphabet agencies that are unanswerable to the public, and act in secrecy--unleashes in the world returns to our nation's citizens as blowback.

All of the gun violence on America's street are a reflection of all of the senseless killing sponsored mostly across the Arab world.

Someone recently asked me about ISIS and terrorism... as if these "entities" just emerged whole from Zeus' head.

Having unleashed the Beast and begun to feel its blowback, it's a bit late to offer cures.

The best way to make the world peaceful is to stop selling weapons, improve inequality, work with Nature to preserve ecosystems and climate; and for strong powers to quit their centuries of brutal imperial domination of less developed lands.

Doing the right things is FAR more cost-effective than theoretical "cures" in the form of endless pumped up masculine militarism.

I think our nation's citizens are being purposely habituated to violence AS the norm. Hollywood traffics in it, police departments thrive on it, there'd be no Homeland Security apparatus without it, the NRA would have to go home and redefine the meaning of masculinity, and the MIC would be forced to actually do something constructive.... like use all that manpower to actually rebuild the nation's decrepit infrastructure.

As was patently clear in the photo taken at the Paris Climate event: Almost all males, a handful of color, and 3 women reps to a chorus of men.

The earth Mother can't take much more of this lack of gender symmetry and what it produces in the way of asymmetric warfare against ALL of her progeny.


As does the media, which also traffics heavily on the flip side of that coin - fear and hatred. Keeping the masses in a constant state of fear is vital to the interests of the Deep State.


The fact that the United States, as a society and as a culture, totally revolves around and depends on the gun (and has from the beginning.) is also a huge factor, and we're seeing the net results.


So it is ok to use the "we" when you do it?
Please speak for yourself.
There are many who try to use rationality and not myth to live their lives.

Can you provide a statement of this "Universal law"?

Why does this "karmic blowback" snuff the life out of Tamir Rice while the "evil dude" gets a marble bust?

Let me also state it for the record that I am totally opposed to all the imperialistic activities that are going on.
So please save your stock response for another day.



I agree. And I often am first to bring up the role played by mass media.


I consider you to be assigned here to harass me. I am not going to respond to you further.


Siouxrose1 said:
" I consider you to be assigned here to harass me. I am not going to respond to you further."

So now questioning any of your hypotheses becomes harassment? Suit yourself.

Please realize though that your brand of mystification and postmodern "fashionable nonsense" will always remain subject to challenge by other posters, including me.



Of course not. If it really happened it would be "history", not "mythology".