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Who Really Needs A Super Yacht Anyway?


Who Really Needs A Super Yacht Anyway?

Alec Connon

Coral reefs rival tropical rain forests as Earth's most abundant ecosystems. Despite only covering 0.2% of the ocean floor, nearly one million distinct species of fish, invertebrates and algae can be found among the world's reefs. As a result of this cornucopia of life, it is commonly said that coral reefs are one of our most accurate indicators of the health of the wider ocean.

And this is something of a worry because, well, our coral reefs are in a whole world of trouble.


One of the pathologies of extractive methodologies is that the material gained and shaped by that structuring of power completely unhinges motivations from the full scope of causal relationships. Today these emblematic instances of sheer scale are spiraling beyond the delusional stage where the 'product' serves as virtually all aspects of the producer's 'god', and "philanthropy" offered as the thinly veiled plausible deniability of the consequences of the distortion. A deadly combination repeated endlessly - guess thats the notion of eternity kicking in along with denial of playing a godhead... gotta keep the growth going at all costs is sort of a hint


About 20 years ago I was invited to the Cayman Islands to give a lecture. While flying over from Miami and perusing the airline in-flight magazine, I noticed MANY references to not doing anything to harm "The Queen's Bottom."

That's how the seabed around the Cayman Islands was defined.

I was paired up with a strange man who had a property on the water because I wanted to go snorkeling and it was thought that I ought not go alone.

The guy was a maniac. He took a spear gun with him.

I had managed to sneak a joint onboard and the woman who sponsored me actually asked me if I had one. Her husband walked in just when we lit up and POT is NOT smiled upon there.

However, having that delicious edge from the pot, when I snorkeled, I could feel the fish gather around me forming the equivalent of underwater wings.

I saw beautiful whole families of parrot fish.

And I swam on my own.

The maniac kept demanding that I "get behind him" and I noticed that when I did so, every fish literally went into hiding behind rocks or sea plants.

The guy speared one of the parrot fish and when we got back to shore, he carved it up and fed it to his fat cat... while asking me "if I was dating anyone."

I share that anecdote because apart from snorkeling off the island of Culebra (near Puerto Rico), the Cayman Islands were the most beautiful coral reef--lush with fish--waters I'd ever snorkeled in.

Seeing that giant boat there and knowing how it cut up "the queen's bottom" is mortifying.

How many more creatures must die due to the sins of empire and the greed of the various imperial overlords (a/k/a CEOS)?


Superyachts, like cruise ships, should be required to carry adequate insurance for cases like this. I don't object to yachts owned by a corporation, only to a system that allows one person to become so rich and powerful as to own one.


Too much is never enough for the likes of Allen, Gates, Dimon (JPMC), Blankfein (Salomon Bros), Gutefreund (Goldman Sachs). Once they achieve their levels of wealth (.01 of 1%), all compassion, understanding, loving-kindness are supplanted by concern for the bottom line. Oh, they may make contributions (tax deductible, of course) to causes that bring them positive PR but in practice, they are in it only for the money and how to make more. Their contributions/donations are backed by less-than-charitable motivations and more by future financial outcomes or to further their agendas, IMO. Keepin' up with the Jones'...my yacht is bigger, my airplane(s) and hangars are bigger, my stable of automobiles is larger and more expensive than yours...conspicuous consumption and gluttony come to mind. Consider how many coral reefs or poor people or impoverished communities or threatened natural spaces and species around the world could benefit from what it cost for just one of Allen's yachts


I sailed the Virgins and the Spanish Virgin Islands for years but never became inured to the beauty and damage I saw. I too witnessed lots great sundowns with MJ and wine. I saw coral destruction from boats anchoring on them, damage from squirting clorox into reefs to stun marine life, from plastic on beautiful beaches, tropical fish dead and alive with hooks and spear holes in them and I could go on.

Last time I went things changed for worse. I saw lion fish and few reef species on bleached coral. A wire fish trap lost on a reef, killing off everything that goes inside, becoming bait for other doomed marine life. And there were flies everywhere in the heat after the food from charter boats. Yeah it was hotter too. We saw pristine nature at its best, but no more. Maybe in Cuba's Gardens of the Queen...


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This is NOT just individual's decisions although of course they play a role. For example the statement "people can choose to cycle rather than drive" is the classic attempt to throw social decisions for all of us by the ruling elite back onto individuals. It is NOT an individual choice to bicycle when no safe bicycle paths are made available. It is NOT an individual's choice to take Green Transit Rail if it does not run due to cuts by Governors Christie, Kasich or Scott all of whom axed Rail projects or cut train service in the interests of the Koch Brothers and the Auto/Oil complex.Last Sunday for example my family went to New York City for a cruise but we
pretty much had to drive. In the past we would have taken the train which could be as fast as 52 minutes to Hoboken and then take a ferry or PATH train across the Hudson to the Cruise port right across from Hoboken. But thanks to successive transit cuts by former Corporate Democrat Gov Corzine and then Teabag Gov Christie it now takes over 2 hours to get to Hoboken on the weekends! In just 2 1/2 hours the Amtrak train can go all the way to Washington, DC! Besides cancelling the desperately needed New York tunnel project and then diverting $7 Billion to widening highways, Gov Christie has cut New Jersey Transit budget to operate trains and buses 90% - from $300 Million to $34 Million!
He has not increased a single fee for private cars while just piling on another 9% fare hike for transit riders as NJ has the lowest gas tax in the country after only Alaska. In a classic "Shock Doctrine" Corporate Welfare, while Christie raised fares and cut service for the people actually riding trains and buses, in collusion with Corporate Democrats he has given away over
$2 Billion in "Urban Transit Hub Credits" directly to Corporations locating next to train stations. Rather ironic since that is useless if you don't actually RUN the trains!
But of course Corporations love getting the free money. All of that Corporate Welfare would have led to zero cuts to actually RUN the trains!
Organize for Green Transit collectively or you will not have the choice.

The result? Auto Addiction's share of New Jersey's greenhouse emissions has now soared to 47% vs 35% as the US average...


So you went on a cruise...

You're telling us that individuals don't have any capacity to make meaningful change because of the ruling class, but you went on a cruise?? Who forced you to do that?

Riding bikes isn't so hard or so dangerous, I think, as you make it out to be. The vast majority of us could get away with riding them. That we don't has very little to do with road safety concerns.


"Riding bikes isn't so hard or so dangerous, I think, as you make it out to be." you I think have never rode a bike in the city, several friends of mine recently who rode bikes were involved in serious accidents with cars. And this in a city with many many bike lanes and paths.


" you I think have never rode a bike in the city"

"several friends of mine recently who rode bikes were involved in serious accidents with cars. "

That's obviously terrible, but it's not exactly proof of much. Bicycle trips make up apparently 1% of all commuting in the U.S, and 2% of all traffic fatalities. Obviously, from those figures, the chance of dying while riding a bike are disproportionately high. But they aren't that high, and statistically you are still not very likely to be seriously injured riding a bike.

Therefore, to reiterate, it's not a convincing argument that people are being prevented from riding bikes because of how hazardous bike riding is. It's maybe more hazardous to you personally than riding a car, but you're not very likely at all to be seriously hurt or killed.

The highest number of people killed while riding a bike in a given year in the U.S is less than 800.


"It's maybe more hazardous to you personally than riding a car, but you're not very likely at all to be seriously hurt or killed."......I will tell that to my friend in hospital, if they come out of the coma.


You could, but you might find that your friend won't appreciate the timing. I'm sure that, like you, your friend is an intelligent and rational individual who understands the** difference between personal anecdotes and actual statistical risk,** but it might be inconsiderate to present them with that information at that time. But you can do what you want.