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Who Runs Strongest Against Trump? 'That Candidate is Me,' Says Sanders


Who Runs Strongest Against Trump? 'That Candidate is Me,' Says Sanders

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders acknowledged in an exclusive interview with NBC News on Thursday that he faces "a hard path" to win the Democratic presidential nomination—but maintained that he's up to the challenge, asserting that "the people in every state in this country have the right to vote for the agenda that they want."

"It's not unrealistic," he stressed, but "it's a hard path, I admit that."


Bernie = Truth. Q.E.D.


According to stats of pledged delegates as of April 22, Clinton 1428, Bernie 1151, still available 1646. You'd never know it to hear Andrea Mitchell or any other Talking Head or Voice or Periodical.


No doubt about it in my mind, that Bernie would bury Trump but here is the problem: the DNC and Debbie Schultz are so corrupt that many would rather lose to Trump than support Bernie.


With Hillary, Trump would be a close competitor, if not an outright upset candidate going the way of Trump.
With Bernie, Trump would not even come close. "Thanks for comin' Donny."


Yet instead the DNC/R-Lite's insistence on crowning Hillary Queen of the Democratic Party Inc. makes a Trump presidency all but likely. (Although in all honesty, it may not be that bad; his egregious term - or less, should the House and Senate outright impeach the bastard - may energize and finally cause progressives to finally pull the country back leftward, because it proves that rightward centrism is a failing proposition. Purge the Triangulators! Make Progressivism Great Again!)


Well, I see our paid Clinton posters haven't arrived yet.

Hey, BWilliams, Lrx and Airedale, take a break, I'll save you some time:

Sanders can't possibly win. Sander should stop attacking Hillary and help her against Trump. Tone it down. Give up now. Only Hillary can save us from Trump.

No need to thank me.


They really do sound like that 'Join Ussssss, Join Usssss' brigade, don't they?

I shudder to think that the chants will get any louder should Bernie lose Maryland.


Am I the only one who sees the very real possibility that the Republican House and Senate would waste no time initiating impeachment proceedings against a President Hillary Clinton?

Their stonewalling Obama would look like pregame warmup ..


You may be right but it would just be theater. The Republicans and Democrats have the same owners. They'll be quite happy to have a Democratic Frontwoman pushing their agenda.


There is something artificial about Lrx, maybe he is Max Headroom.


I REALLY appreciate your comments about the paid posters. I look out for them now...and am willing to post the link for the article about their funding and who they are! You inspire me!


When the people lead, the leaders will follow!


The Prisoner didn't push the tired memes of more-left-than-thou/no-one-running-as-a-Dem-can-be-trusted armchair radical leftists.

You should change your icon - or your memes.


Sanders responded, "I've got to find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to be bringing forth, to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that are extremely popular and I think, very sensible."

Uh oh. Bernie seems to be slipping. Here was a prime opportunity to jump right into HRC's BS and call her out on her warmonging & Wall Street-to-come policies. She's made that perfectly clear what those policies would be.

To me, violence, war and the willingness to wage it is the most important facet of any candidate right here, right now. Am I wrong here, or does it get some kinda, ya know, special pass?

Bernie may not have these kind of high profile opportunities much longer.


I agree. Backsliding.


True dat.


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Quite a few Republicans say Sanders is their ultimate choice of a Democratic nominee, as they can easily continue to paint Democrats as socialists. Socialist is a killer tag in American politics , so they are happy to have one real , self portrait, one.

Will Sanders win ? If he does he will have much poorer chances against even Trump, with his grotesque lies.