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Who’s Afraid of Public Schools?


Who’s Afraid of Public Schools?

Steven Singer

Public schools are the bogeymen of American life.

We so often hear the bedtime story of “Failing Schools” that it’s no wonder some folks will do anything to ensure their kids get in elsewhere.

And let’s be honest. It’s the same impulse behind the latest college admissions cheating scandal.



In general, properly educated (not simply trained) people contribute much more to society than poorly educated people. There is perhaps no greater civilizing force than proper education. The more education in society the more civilization excels. Only weak people fear that others will be educated to a degree that will threaten their status. Such cynical types often project their own values (or lack thereof) onto others and fail to acknowledge that education and civilization are NOT zero-sum games. There is nothing I would rather share with others than a proper thought and a kind word. I hope that you will join me. Wishing you Progress and Peace.



Knowledge is power, put into our childrens hands will raise their consciousness of reality and help them deflect the onslaught of right wing propaganda that is so prevalent in our country. As we have seen the recent protests of children worldwide regarding our dire climate situations, are a sign of an aware and involved youth movement. This is the best education we can provide and support our children and grand children. Peace

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In the recent past, favored districts have gotten school buildings that cost between half a billion to a billion dollars.

I think that it would be a worthy cause for an investigative journalist how that gravy train was built.

High schools have auditoriums and sports stadiums that entire countries do not have.

Yes these are public schools.
But they may be built for the Eagle Valley, Colorado, or the Sylvan Hills, Portland.

The benefit of deducting your mortgage from your taxes has already been removed by current administration. The next step will taking away your ability to Qualify for the local public school district just because you are paying taxes.

And these exclusive schools built with public taxes, being called public schools, will be taken private, and you will have to pay $3800 a month to attend.

Just look the trend of waldorf schools in k-12 schools already.