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Who’s Afraid of 'Socialism'?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/12/whos-afraid-socialism

I think Lamonte’s pretty afraid of socialism.

Other than that, I’m stumped.


It’s time for a big change. We have one once in a while. CNN’s 24 hr. news cycle was novel when it started, as was C-SPAN when it began.
Fox Noise was a follow up to the TV Rush Limbaugh show.
Embracing more social programs like M4ALL could be the next big change. Of course the elephant of change presently bugging us is emperor trump. This will pass, and something big will replace him. IMHO.

The forces of neoliberalism are rife in this country, by whatever name. Clinton and Obama are out to kill democratic socialism even to the point of giving the Presidency to Trump for another four years. The horror of all this is keeping a lot of people up nights. People, we have to push Sanders so hard, donate and work for the movement, that the DNC has no valid choice. If they push Bloomberg into office, or let Trump win, they will be ending any chance we have of saving this planet. THAT’S what is on the line.


To start with, let’s stop glossing over the crap that’s being dumped on us by the DNC/MSM cabal by calling it neo-“Liberalism” — it’s Multi-NaZional Korporate neo-Fascism.   PERIOD.

Chris Matthews is no more “liberal-ish” than Rush Limbaugh.  He’s a neo-Fascist loudmouth boor who loves nothing more than to ask his (occasionally erudite) guests a question and then to rudely interrupt them with his own wildly-skewed answers.   His creeping (& creepy) senility is becoming more obvious by the day, and the sooner he’s booted off the air, the better.

As for “executions in Central Park”, they are increasing likely under A.G. Barr, who should be immedi­ately impeached and removed from office if we’re to have any semblance of fair & impartial elections this coming November.


The only advantage we have with Chris over Rush is that we here are willing to call them both out as being liars, senile, bought and paid for… etc.

No one that I have heard on the conservative side says a word against Rush. He is a hero.

Even liberal-lite types know Chris is WAY past his “Best if used by date”.

It’s usually people who lived in a Socialist society or the ones who educated themselves about it that are afraid.

Most Americans think “Scandinavia” is a Socialist country. Also most Americans think Socialism is Capitalism with free healthcare and a lot of vacation days. That why they think Socialism is so cool.

Then there’s the “we gonna get it right next time” group. A few are on this site. Only one I can think about ( @alanjjohnston ) knows what he’s talking about.

I appreciate your comment. The first thing I learned in politics is no matter the differences, respect those who hold opposite views if you seek a genuine fruitful dialogue and engage in civil exchanges.

I am not at all surprised that there are many, especially those who endured the repression of a centralised state economy, who hold reservations about “socialism” and lack confidence in those who advocate such. But there are also many these days who reject that model and promote workers self-managed co-operatives but they too fail to understand that it is not who owns or manages an enterprise which is the problem but the actual structure of capitalist relationships, what Marx called the exchange economy, something that the Soviet Union and its former satellite states shared - wage labor to extract surplus-value from the employee either to reward share-holders with dividends or provide the government bureaucrats with their privileged perks.

It may well be impossible as so many tell me that at the present time in history but the issue is not the technological ability to provide for all but peoples self-confidence in themselves that too many people still remain fixated to the lazy person, greedy individual critique of human behaviour, the conventional bourgeois wisdom about peoples selfishness and a pessimistic view of human behaviour.

The Left who insist on a gradual reformist strategy where socialism is a far-off ultimate objective and not an immediate aim are not yet convinced that there are sufficient resources on the planet to provide for all, or that human beings can work voluntarily, and co-operate to organise production and distribution of wealth without chaos, and consume wealth responsibly without some form of imposed rationing and means-testing. The Left shares the same worldview and mindset as those on the Right. There is some truth to the saying, scratch a progressive and a stateist bleeds.


This position is akin to saying “I hate democracy because America effed it up.”

It’s sort of like “battered socialist syndrome” or something. I lived behind the Iron Curtain for over 2 and a half years in Berlin and my job took me well into the bowels of the Soviet Empire, so I’m not speaking from a position of total ignorance.

I’ll be the first to admit that the Soviet satellites would not have been an especially desirable destination. But a sober analyst–which is what I was paid to be–understands the concept of sorting wheat from chaff. I do this with my own country as much as I did it with the Warsaw Pact nations I worked and traveled in.

Every system will have personalities fundamentally incompatible with that system. I’m totally unfit for capitalism. But I’m much more suited to a collective society where a sense of mutual aid and collaboration is central to that society’s existence. In the Warsaw states, there were obviously people whose sense of self-achievement rose well-beyond what those systems were designed to mollify or cultivate. Those people would be dissatisfied.

If it were up to me, we’d all be able to self-sort into communities suited for our makeup.


I’m with you on that one. Unfortunately there’s usually lot of talk but not enough walk around here in the good ol USA.

On a lighter note here’s one from the old Socialist days:

How do you go from Capitalism to Socialism? Thru revolution.
How do you go from Socialism to Capitalism? Thru a travel agency.

With 50% of the population living in a household that has less than $500 in savings for an emergency: a car repair, an unexpected illness or a funeral, what travel agency do you recommend they turn to? Any recommended destinations?
One that has a modern public transportation system with a cost structure that isn’t based on " congestive pricing ", a health system which isn’t " for profit and can deny or charge excessive amounts for treatment " or a " community ditch " to throw your deceased loved ones in. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Once you get there, of course, and that excursion costs money up front, as well. Please enlighten; is it ACME TRAVEL CO.?
Political and Economic Evolution or Revolution?
" Fire on the Lake "; it’s coming to a neighborhood near you, capitalist or socialist won’t be the first question, then.

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Oh please, you people have gotten soft. Where that American adventure spirit? I changed countries twice. First time i was $1000 in debt. The second time everything i owned fit in the back of car that wasn’t paid in full yet. You do what you gotta do if you think you can find a better place. Some people cross rivers and deserts. Whining usually doesn’t get you anywhere.

Matthews has a brain tumor. Someone needs to get him an mri.

Did you just see him and Michael Moore? In the last 15 minutes…

Whining? I said household. What do I do with my 3 children?
Canada is just too cold, Mexico is too hot. We’d move to Monaco but I haven’t got a yacht. We considered Costo Rica and thought about Bermuda, but my junked car wasn’t worth enough to even buy a scoota’.

Canada being cold is not entirely accurate. It depends where you go. BC is nice and warm. Ontario not too bad either. Apparently around 6000 Americans move to Canada every year. The silent ones…

They have a pretty fair point system for immigration.