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Who’s Afraid of the Torture Report?


Who’s Afraid of the Torture Report?

Ashley Gorski, Noa Yachot

Multiple government agencies are doing their best to ignore a 6,900-page elephant in the room: a mammoth report, authored by the Senate Intelligence Committee, detailing the horrors of the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program.


"Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the former SCCI chair who led the research and writing of the report, wrote to the Justice Department last week, asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey to allow government officials to read the full report in order to learn 'from the mistakes of the past to ensure that they are not repeated.' We wholeheartedly agree."

Remember when you were proud of this country, so you boasted of its accomplishments? What are you supposed to do now? Join the Justice Department in hiding its failures?

Isn't there someone who can demand that the attorney general require the appropriate government officials to read the full report?


Something should indeed be done to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Maybe we could sign an international treaty banning torture and that called for the prosecution of anyone who engaged or ordered state sponsored torture.

That would be a great idea. Wouldn't it?

Maybe we could call it the Ronald Reagan anti-torture treaty. I think that'd be a swell name.

Oh, right. Ronald Reagan signed such a treaty, didn't he?


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A Democratic society is only possible if the acts of its government--which is to say those allegedly elected to act in the best interests of the public--are transparent.

The NDAA basically punishes dissent.

The pervasive spy-surveillance program sets up a 1-way mirror. Government-military-corporate entities know EVERYTHING about citizens, but in return, WE are to know nothing about their nefarious activities.

In court hearings, necessary defense arguments are blocked by so-called "National Security" interests.

The TPP and TIPP--international deals that go way beyond trade--are not only decided behind closed doors, their contents are kept OUT of the public's realm until AFTER the bull-shit "fast track" forces these usurpation-properties over all U.S. (and other) citizens.

Obama's nonsensical "health care reform" was also decided behind closed doors as today many bills--signed into law--were written by the corporations' trade groups that will best represent THEIR interests.

And now this? A torture report that no one is to know about?

It seems that each President's main job is to exonerate the crimes of his predecessor.

Without justice, transparency, or FAIR policies... anyone who purports that WE live in a Democracy is either out of their minds or PAID to lie.

Anticipating the "comeback" argument of the soldier boys and girls who are "first up" in these threads on a daily basis... they will argue that "we" voted in these fools.

The truth is, most is now decided by covert Deep State interests and NO ONE elected them! They don't answer to The People, either.


Years ago I wrote a satire entitled, "What's in a name?" Shakespeare, of course, introduced that premise.

The piece began by relating the manner by which Native Americans named their offspring after specific traits that simulated items found in nature.

Sitting Bull. Fast Arrow. Golden Eagle, and so forth.

I then suggested that perhaps part of the curse of the Indigenous was to ensure that many people prominent on the U.S. tragi-comedy stage would be exposed (in terms of their character, and/or life purpose) BY their names.

Notice that the main pundit tasked with bull-shitting on a daily basis is Josh EARNEST. This imbecile is about as earnest as a Mafia hit-man.

And when it comes to "justice," there is Holder--a place holder tasked with maintaining an anything BUT just status quo, and now Lynch. Note the irony: A woman of color named Lynch who is essentially tasked with lynching Justice, itself.

The list goes on and on... of people who fit their names. I can't say it's mere coincidence.


That treaty WAS signed--it's known as "The Geneva Conventions" to which the U.S. is a signatory.

The problem is one of enforcement.

In the same way since the "war on drugs" took the gloves off (in terms of police brutality), the war on terror allegedly created a pretext for taking the gloves off when it came to rounding up the usual suspects and using "enhanced interrogation" to get them to admit to things that never happened.

A case for war had to be made... don't ya' know? And if the Hollywood-ification of this nation's wars, "capture of Bin Laden," and all the rest of the hokum was to sell to a large audience, a lot of major action, terror, and torture had to be part of the script.


Either I wasn't over the top enough, or I was too over the top.

Call me crazy, I still seem to recall the Taliban of Afghanistan asking for proof of the crime of which you-know-who had been accused. A reasonable request, except...


Yes, we the people can demand the full torture report be released. Look up the legal definition of "conspiracy" and use that to demand the release of the full report. Maybe it will take another huge demonstration in the streets of Washington, DC, to did. If so, so be it. We have the power, but do we have the will power. Veterans for Peace, please lead the way.


You are not crazy, Kariski. The US, Pakistan, and the US had been in negotiations to hand over Bin Laden for many months before 9-11, and after. From 2010:

At the time, it was reported in a few papers of record that the Taliban was trying to negotiate, but we were already on the warpath, and the story barely saw the light day. Most people do not know that a viable diplomatic solution was possible, and the war in Afghanistan could have been avoided had we only listened to our better angels.


Unless the Torture Report mentions the names and addresses of the torturers...


Can't happen. We only blame the victims these days.

The victimizers are just 'misunderstood', and we shouldn't hurt their feelings.


There is that word again "mistakes".

Nothing more is needed according to whoever wrote that word. No meting out of justice for those who intentionally contrived rationales for committing heinous crimes against humanity is needed according to whoever wrote that word. Oh no, it is sufficient to just utter the word "mistakes".

I am too filled with rage to write another word. It just never ends does it.


I agree that victims are blamed, but as usual... I challenge the frame that suggests that the ones setting up the existing protocols somehow represent We, The People.


Articles such as this should always include the info that the US military's torture program was (and is?) more extensive and worse than the CIA's. That report covers only a portion of the US torture regime - that of the CIA. It does NOT cover torture by the US military.


We know that the American interrogators tortured children in Afghanistan . The US government line was that we 'only' tortured the children of 'a few high-ranking Al-Quaeda suspects' by frightening them with lizards , insects and harmless snakes . Considering that John Yoo , the author of the torture memos justifying our crimes against humanity in advance , publicly opined that it would be OK to crush the testicles of the child of a 'known terrorist' in front of him , one can only guess how far they REALLY went .


What our government puts forth is gibberish and rhetoric. To have a torture report and the people can't read it, is absurdity. The fact that our government condoned the torture in the first place is abhorrent. This all makes the U.S. absolutely no wiser, more compassionate or right than any other nation. We fall into the communistic category more than anything and it is very much obvious that America is NOT the good guys. America is now run more fully than ever by the Oligarchic criminal cartel hell bent on full spectrum dominance at any cost. The NWO is the FSD!


Gibberish and Rhetoric---yes, indeed.
I want to say, first--that I voted for "Hope and Change" in 2008. Problem was the most important person to have heard that phrase was NOT listening. The guy who said it.

The guy who was not listening gave damn near the whole store to the "loosing team".And they despised him.
I voted for "Hope and Change" again in 2012---maybe he would now listen and/or take the 4 years of spite and abuse from the other team as a reason to say "no more"..

OK. Now we are here. The "legacy item" TPP is going to be a PUG dream come true--if we cannot stop it--and the hate and despise team gets worse.
What will wake the POTUS up?
It is not the "sheeple" who are lost in this---it is the "sheeple" who are kept out.
It has been the "sheeple" who were saying WE WANT To SEE the TPP papers.

And it is the "Sheeple" who are saying ---give us the "Secrets" that the powers are trying to hide---leave those who disclose the hidden secret crap-- alone.


I agree we owe allegence to the king but we are still responsible for our soul.