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Who’s Extorting Whom in Europe? It’s All About Coercion


Who’s Extorting Whom in Europe? It’s All About Coercion

Mark Weisbrot

The Economist’s February 6 cover displayed the Venus de Milo statue pointing a revolver, with the headline “Go ahead, Angela, make my day.” In the editors’ upside-down world, Greece is threatening Europe, or at least Germany. Really?


In 2013 CD posted the austerity impact on privatization of the rail system

Truthout Greece: A Nation for Sale and the Death of Democracy
Looks at the privatization following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the play(ers) reappearing in Greece


If Syriza doesn’t blink, if the Greek public supports them, if other creditor nation’s will support a Greek exit from the Euro. A lot of ifs. Remember that for all its supposedly leftist leanings Syriza is only asking for more time to pay of its debt-not, in my mind a real restructuring. The Greek public is also waffling, stand up to the bankers but expresses a doubts that the government can make a recovery outside of Euro zone. Do Russia or China believe that the Greeks could succeed if they do leave? Would they back up Greek fiscal policy? My guess is that Syria will fail. They don’t know what rapacious wolves they are dealing with and I doubt they have the will or the political capital to stand up to them. Greece will have to enurse another political failure before it finds its way, probably a decent into fasism and a long fight out of it. My only consolation is that I doubt the bankers will get their money from Greece or any other of the Euro nation’s they have impoverished. Maybe they will crumble too.


Merkel (Germany & EU) is gambling on being able to invent/assert some non-existent political authority. The EU should have thought about that non-existent political authority when they organized the apolitical economic union. Greece is perfectly honorable to ignore the morons and their impotent huffing and puffing.

Indeed, by telling Merkel (Germany, EU) “No, thanks.” Greece is teaching the EU, Germany, and Merkel an otherwise un-learnable and also invaluable lesson. Everyone there might have learned that in college; perhaps they went to the same colleges GWBush and Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush went to. Of course, it could be in the European cases, that it wasn’t the college that failed to teach what they student’s needed to have learned, as was the case in the US.

As for the pimps at the Economist, who gives a fat fart what they think? Do they even think? Or do they just blow toxic smoke like that article implies without bothering to think?