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Who’s Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural


Who’s Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural

Jim Naureckas

Adam Johnson (FAIR.org, 10/21/17) called the “Woman in Chador Walks by Anti-US Mural” image “one of the most overused and toxic stock photos.” Documenting its ubiquity in online US coverage of Iran, Johnson argued that the cliche photo of “one or two Iranian women clad in black chadors, faces usually barely visible, walking past a mural of the Statute of Liberty with a skull face” was intended “to lazily tie together US-bashing and perceive


The Soviets used to paint propaganda murals on the trains that would run throughout the country because the illiteracy rate was so high among the population. With the advent of TV and the internet, trains are no longer required. Visceral, visual propaganda can not be underestimated in its power to engage the amygdala. Unfortunately, that is where most of US politics is targeted. Viva la frontal lobe.


I dunno…that mural (on the wall of the old US Embassy) depicts pretty accurately whatever the Farsi translation of “El Yanqui” would be.

You see, outside of the United States of Amnesia, people have this thing called “a memory” - especially memories of the US-installed fascist thugs like the Shah and the torture chambers of his secret police SAVAK.

And believe it or not, most Iranian women want to cover their hair and dress modestly. Young women in the USA would probably dress modestly too, but they have been brainwashed by the constant propaganda bombardment from the capitalist sweatshop-made apparel industry.


Of course I don’t disagree about the US and overthrow and how few in the US know or remember such events but the people in the country sure do.

But when you say most, you are talking about a pretty slim majority according to Rouhani (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/women-in-iran-are-pulling-off-their-headscarves--and-hoping-for-a-turning-point/2018/03/08/bb238a96-217c-11e8-946c-9420060cb7bd_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.5018a8d1ebf0):

In February, Rouhani’s office released a 2014 report on Iranian attitudes toward the hijab. According to the study, 49.8 percent of Iranians oppose government intervention to enforce the veil, which they consider to be a private matter.

My father is from Iran and have talked with friends and relatives over they years but I am seeing a skewed population - I would have put the 49.8% even higher. I totally agree that it isn’t the primary issue in terms of bad consequences of having an Islamic (or any religious) government and Iran is not as bad as many other countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless - the hijab rule is stupid and wrong and if it is ever dropped, we will know the true opinion of the Iranian women 20 years later - I’m sure some will still wear it and many (perhaps not quite a majority, but at least a very large minority) will not.



Complete with frame


The MSM, unsurprisingly, is working the memes of war and hate and brainwashing US-ans with propaganda. This looking like the run up to the Iraq war of ‘choice’ was, lies, lies and more lies, incomplete and omitted information, add in the war clowns of the PNAC ilk on phucking steroids.
… My country tis of thee, land of insanity, and so I cry …


Where are they going to walk? Should they be walking somewhere else out of the way. Besides, showing a couple of people walking by is not impressive, a milling crowd would be more impressive.
Propaganda is great and is used by both the hardliners and the US to stir up hatred. As this photo is being used by the US.
We wouldn’t even have a problem with Iran if we didn’t try to steal their oil by putting the Shah into power. But that is the way the US does things, puts dictators into power to run the country so US corporations can go in and take what they want. I lost count at over 35 dictators the US has put into power over it’s history. And yet we wonder why people fight against us.