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Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News? Look in the Mirror, America


Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News? Look in the Mirror, America.

Neal Gabler

Consider for a moment the oxymoronic concept of “fake news,” which we have been hearing so much about lately. This isn’t your typical disinformation or misinformation — generated by the government, or foreign adversaries, or corporations — to advance an agenda by confusing the public. It isn’t even the familiar dystopian idea of manipulated fact designed to keep people lobotomized and malleable in some post-human autocracy. Those scenarios assume at least an underlying truth against which nefarious forces can take aim.


What we used to consider reliable news sources, such as the New York Times and the rest of the corporate media, have become propaganda sites.

The NYT's recent obituary of Fidel Castro is a masterpiece of propaganda, for example. This excellent article breaks it down: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/11/30/the-new-york-timess-biased-obituary-of-fidel-castro/


Right. People are lazy, they don't take time to read "real" fake news from the NY Times and other "real" propaganda sites, the same sites that gave us weapons of mass destruction, Sanders ideas are nonsense, NAFTA is a blessing and so much more. If Gabler would graciously consent to step down from his ivory tower and spend a little time on the streets with voters, he might discover that voters are, instead, angry, desperate and fed up and fed up, most of all, with elitist, self-appointed guardians of "real news" such as himself.


Mr Gabler , where is the EVIDENCE that Russia hacked the DNC servers and Russia was manipulating the US elections? It was the established news sites carrying this BS without evidence.

Here an example of "fake news" from 1898.

NBC faking news in more modern times.

Finally , Mr Gabler, who was it that presented to the public the "Babies thrown from incubators" stories that helped to lead to Gulf War 1?

The reason all of these other sites crop up is because the people begin to realize they are being fed BS by the Main Stream media and those persons such as Mr Gabler that would support it.


Gabler sez: "Like many depressed Americans, I have pretty much stopped watching or reading the news since the election."

Me too. Only, it was the election of 2000.


I agree with everything Gabler writes in this article, except his opinion that the Trump Regime "will undo 50 years of social progress". Considering progressive reforms made by Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Wiliam Taft and Woodrow Wison, the Trump Regime will undo at least 110 years of social AND ECONOMIC progress.


Perhaps one of the most blatant and successful "fake news" incidents was the entire 9/11 story.
This was managed from the outset by government sources and all of the major news sources fell dutifully in line so as not to offend their government handlers.

One stellar example was the announcement from Osama bin Laden immediately after the attack that 9/11 was a terrible event and those responsible should be held accountable. Our government requested that no one report this and the media cheerfully obliged and suppressed the announcement. Why? Because Big Brother used the excuse that the announcement might be a coded message to sleeper cells who would then launch a second attack. Of course the real reason was that our government did not want anything in the news cycle that did not follow the official and carefully constructed narrative - namely that OBL was directing the nineteen hijackers from his cave.

It always amazes me how fervently the public swallowed the official story, even when absurd claims like the explanation for the collapse of WTC7 were presented as facts. The official 9/11 story is full of holes but a gullible public swallows it without question and literally defends it to their death.

We have fought two wars based on this fake news, killed millions of innocent people, overthrown several governments, and caused untold misery. We have created a refugee crises and refuse to help because we must instead protect our borders. However, some war profiteers have become obscenely rich as a result. And our complaint media continues to accept and spew out the fake news.

Fake news is nothing new. It is just propaganda either created by governments or opportunists, but all for profit and control.


The biggest fake news of all times was the lie that 19 young Muslim men took down the twin towers (and another one near by that was not hit by a plane) by hijacking commercial airliners and crashing them in to the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11.

This makes the statement in this article clearly wrong! "Fake news is not the manipulation of an unsuspecting public. It is the willful belief by the public." The people, in a state of shock, were told over and over again that the Muslim nations attacked the United States. There was no word that was allowed to show that this was "False News". Even when we could clearly see that the third building was still standing, when the news reader told us it had fallen down, we (some of us) still believe this false news story. Based on this 'false news' we are now at war with most of the nations in the middle east---ALL BASED ON LIES.


Exactly right. The corporate media has become propaganda 24/7, lying us into wars, imposing news blackouts to protect corporate interests (examples: Bernie Sanders's campaign; the #NoDAPL movement and resistance at Standing Rock, the hundreds of unreported pipeline leaks, etc.), and manufacturing consent around policies that benefit the 1% and hurt the rest of us.

"In 1983, 50 corporations controlled most of the media in the United States. By 2000, that number had dropped to six corporations, with many of the media outlets run by these corporations practicing the spoils system for elites who propagate their own interests and agenda over independent and investigative reporting." http://observer.com/2016/11/bernie-sanders-presidential-run-was-sabotaged-by-fake-news/


There is fake news and there is news that is fake because it simply isn't true...yet, both are bi partisan and not restricted to the Right. The Left will go to any lengths to convince gullible and naive idealists to buy into its gloomy narrative of events.

The American and NATO tragedy in the Middle East and Afghanistan since 1990 has led to as many as 4 million Muslim deaths...the civil wars in Syria and Iraq have killed around a half million people. Yet what commands the Left's obsessive attention? You guessed it, Israel.

In nearly 100 years of Arab-Jewish wars and conflicts less than 120,000 people have been killed. But, the Left, working with Arab activists on college campuses all over America and Europe, has brewed a cocktail of absurd hatred towards Israel that has now morphed into the very racist anti Semitism of the Right.

And this is largely based on what the writer of this maintains: Ignorant people believe what they want to believe. But what makes this even more absurd is the grand hypocrisy on which it is based.

Here we have college students and professors, arguably the most liberal and intelligent people in society, acting as champions of the Palestinians,some of the most conservative and racist people on earth, who repress women,kills gays, deny religious freedom to non Muslims and equal some US students in their hatred of Israel and the USA.

It became more absurd when a US feminist teachers group voted to join the BDS movement over Israel's treatment of Palestinian women. He we have a small nation that was years ahead of America with equal rights for women, all women. The teachers just wanted buy into a fake Left narrative and as we see, the hallowed halls of academia is being transformed into places for PC thinkers and PC people as well.


This election cycle pushed me on to alternative news sites to a great extent. How the MSM treated Bernie Sanders really upset me and opened my eyes to the corporate agenda. Yeah, it has been bad for a long time. But the news blackout of Bernie's message because the corporate masters didn't want it out there was beyond the pale.
And it is very interesting to me how this "fake news" narrative came out as the WikiLeaks/Podesta/#Pizzagate story was being heavily reported on alternative sites. If you research this story, you will see there is something to this.



Wow, this is rich in irony! Ignoring the very possible fact that the Washington Post "fake news" article was based on an apparent propaganda piece by an undocumented new "internet presence" attacking practically every dissident investigative journalist in the U.S.A., and that it has all the marks of a CIA disinformation program, the author cites that article and repeats the claim that Russia manipulated the U.S. election.

And then he waxes about how it is the uncritical lazy public who is at fault. Well.. he has a point there... of course if we had a public less willfully distracted by commerce and gadgetry and gluttony (or merely, the struggle to survive), and if wevalued critical thinking more than we do advertising (which, after all, is designed to hinder & overcome rationality), then perhaps there'd be fewer buyers of the nonsense on the airwaves.

Yet many of us do think critically, which is why this author has significantly damaged his reputation by repeating what appears to be manufactured propaganda.


Readers here have clearly misunderstood Mr Gabler. What he’s implying is that his article, too, is part of the fake news industry. There’s no escape: “Look in the mirror, America” or, just as well, look at the computer screen and see how his fake arguments support his fake contentions with fake facts and fake history.


A problem with Mr. Gabler's analysis is that he allows himself to get caught up in the anti-Russian hysteria being pushed by the Obama Admin., the Clinton political machine, and the corporate mass media. To suggest Russia played any significant role in the 2016 election is a ludicrous claim lacking any significant evidence. Did "Russian hackers and trolls" disseminate falsities, as he claims? Probably. There was probably also a mischievous teenager in Holland or India who did something like that as well. There are probably mischievous teenagers in this country who have done that to other nations in the midst of a political campaign. And we know that the U. S. government does that sort of thing.
But Mr. Gabler harps on Russia and feeds the anti-Russian fervor the neocons want in place as a prelude to a military showdown. (Re-read the Herman Goering quote in Gabler's article.) That military showdown would have come much sooner had Clinton been elected. She was eager to declare a no-fly in Syria.
Mr. Gabler blames virtually all the fake news on the right wing (mentioning some extreme right-wingers in the process) and seems okay with the government or somebody doing something to stop "fake news." Well, that process seems to be beginning. A shadowy outfit called "propornot.com" issued a list of 200 "fake news" sites which was then published by the Wash. Post, which described them as serious researchers, even without having any idea who they are. And that list -- perhaps the first draft of a "sites to be banned" list, includes a lot of sites -- left and right -- which produce quality work of journalism and commentary. What they have in common is that whether on the left -- like "truthout.org" -- or the right -- like "Lew Rockwell" -- they are outside the Washington consensus. They oppose the neoliberal neocon agenda.
And THAT, Mr. Gabler, is what the government wants to discredit, shut out, or stop altogether. Because that is the true opposition, on the left and the right, to the oligarchs and the American Empire. Meanwhile, lots of fake news is on display every day on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, in the pages of the Wash. Post and the NY Times, on Politico, and so on.


I think fake news is based on the view in right wing circles that the ends justify the means. I think it is seen as an important tool to overcome the move toward liberalism that perhaps could said to have begun with the New Deal. It is well documented that people in right wing think tanks have been making up lies for years and disseminating them through conservative talk radio and other means. People are willing to accept it because it is good news for their side. When they are told volcanoes are the cause of the ozone hole not CFCs as many scientists are saying they believe it because their side is for the free market and against government regulations. You can't regulate a volcano, it is nature. When they hear that natural cycles are the cause of global warming rather than greenhouse gas emissions from human sources they believe it again for the same reason. It doesn't take much thinking to see that fake news is fatally flawed because when you fake news even about nature you will eventually be destroyed. The only hope for survival of the news fakers is the people who don't believe the fake news. If they don't save the day and everyone is destroyed. The fake news people cannot alter the laws of nature. In the end it is the laws of nature that have the final word. When you fake the news about the threats involving nature the outcome is totally predictable. Fake news is foolish and can only lead to widespread disaster.


That's funny Mr Gabler... At least, I hope that's what you meant it to be.


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I believe you meant "compliant media." All else, great.


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Not fake news; news that is meant to brainwash the masses who believe it!