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Who’s Running John Bolton to Start a War With Iran? He Worried Even Mad Dog Mattis


Who’s Running John Bolton to Start a War With Iran? He Worried Even Mad Dog Mattis

Juan Cole

National Security Adviser John Bolton lied his face off when he told Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on his recent Mideast junket that he was sure Iran’s leaders are dedicated to acquiring deliverable nuclear weapons. Nuclear security expert Joe Cirincione shredded Bolton over his false assertion, which is contradicted by UN inspectors and US intelligence.


Bolton has set the record as the longest lived rabid dog in history. When his brain is examined during necropsy the pathology will be off of the charts. Until then he should be locked up in a kennel under solitary conditions where his morbidity can be kept to himself. “Down boy” is what I always think whenever his presence is made known by the media.


The Wall Street Journal had reported that Bolton asked for the plan after a pro-Iran Shiite militia fired mortars into Baghdad’s Green Zone, where the US embassy is located.

These are the kinda of sentences included in articles that reveal an innate bias. It may not even be apparent to the writer.

When a terrorist group , or an insurgent group friendly to the USA launches an attack against a given Government why are they not labled as “Pro-US” ? This the same thing that happens in the main stream media when the name Palestinian linked to “Terrorist”. The same happens with the words “Sunni , Shiite and Muslim”. When Jewish groups or Christian groups (see the Balkans) commit the same acts as a Muslim group , the religion is rarely mentioned or focused on.

Could this Shiite group that were alleged to have launched a missile at the US embassy not be a “Nationalist” group or something else entirely?


And now this dysfunctional and insane war monger may get his wish with our criminally insane… FASCIST LEADER!


Tolerating these criminally insane warmongers until 2020 should NOT be an option.


Yes, “get the madman out of office” or more comprehensively, get the madmen out of office! In the US with trump and his nutter regime, in Israel with the “incompetent” (aka nutter) netanyahu and his brand of crazy, and in the Saudi regime with the vicious so-called prince who is a pathological murderer…I should add al-Sisi in Egypt and his utterly depraved treatment of any and all supposed “opposition” to his military dictatorship, Erdogan in Turkey with his domestic purges and Kurdish mental obsession, as well as al-Assad, who slaughtered civilian men, women and children…beside that evil menagerie of psychopaths the Iranian regime and Houthis are a haven of sanity and even minds.


Dual citizen Bolton does not represent the US


Israel first


HI SuspiraDeProfundis----Maybe it was just some of the White Helmets hanging out in Syria who were having a slow day". Destruction are Them! "


“I’m not sure what the Democratic House can do to forestall Bolton’s peculiar Iranomania from plunging us into another generation of war and instability and bankruptcy,”
How about they expose him loud and clear to the American public, as to who his allegiance is to and how much money they are paying for his loyalty.


In Evelyn Waugh’s book “The Loved Ones” the owner of the cemetary wants to convert it to condos. But he has all those buried persons to deal with. He remarks: “There has to be a way to get those stiffs off of my land.” That is how it is with Iran. Exxon, Total, Shell and BP use people like Bolton to agitate in order to get the Iranians off of what those companies consider their oil. Don’t ever forget that Iran sits on the third largest reserves of oil. The same is true of Venezuela who sits on the largest reserves. Can’t have Yahya or Jose sharing in THEIR profits.


I see you’ve swallowed the anti-Assad propaganda - clear thinking for the rest though…


Thanks for the dope-slap James. In a world of the absence of a media/Fourth Estate dedicated to truth rather than propaganda, we are often left with a false narrative, and as often forget how we slowly succumbed. To try to keep up with the lies and steady bombardment of propaganda and BS is exhausting.

It is clear that much of Syria was destroyed, tens of thousands maimed and slaughtered, and hundreds of thousands displaced. The neighbors of the Israeli zionist entity have born the brunt of Israel’s desire to destroy them all and foment violence to mask their racist expansionism and war crimes and crimes against humanity, often using its US puppet as the instrument, that also has its own depraved agenda to serve wealth and power.Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, all have been victims of destabilizing violence, Israeli warmongering, and its US “allies” military might. The desires of the “West” and its oil conglomerate “allies” tell part of the story including. “Assad’s refusal to allow the construction of a pipeline through Syria for the transport of natural gas to Europe, a project desired by Qatar and its Gulf and Western allies.”

I found and read (only a part so-far) this piece that may tell much of the truth. Other sources you may suggest will be very welcome. We must try to NOT forget…or to pass along distorted versions of history.


A wise and considered reply! It’s past what would be a sensible bedtime for me here in Sweden, so I’m not going to delve into this’n’that right now, but I’ll just mention that (a) Syria under the current Assad is a state run on genuinely secular principles, in which the government (small ‘g’) includes, I believe, representatives of pretty much all religions including atheists! (b) the majority of the ‘rebels’ are from outside Syria (c ) Assad’s government was planning to take Syria off the dollar standard (d) there were/are plans for an oil pipeline from Iran through to the Mediterranean coast which would avoid Turkey (e) etc… Good night, sleep well when night time reaches the Americas :slightly_smiling_face: