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Who’s the Guy in the White Suit Next to All Those Billionaires?


Who’s the Guy in the White Suit Next to All Those Billionaires?

Michael Winship

Many of you know the words: “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” So sayeth Jesus in the New Testament’s Book of Matthew, Chapter 19, Verse 24.


A little evidence of the truism that, to the powerful, religion is a mere class-war tool: he's an Ashkenazi Jew, not RC. She might be too, but the only thing I can determine about "Mularchuk" is that it's (obviously) slightly-Anglicised Ukrainian.


Flawlessly argued, Mr. Winship. This piece should be required reading at ALL private and state functions. Great stuff!


WTF are you talking about?


I'm sure you know that members of the ruling class are generally hypocrites with respect to religion. They may use the appearance of being pious instrumentally, but they are not real believers except in the credo that they're fully deserving of their wealth and power.

Jews have never had any reason other than self-preservation for cozying up to RCs. The RCC has a 2-millennia history of persecuting Jews. Even within my own lifetime, it was dogma (or near-dogma, I'm not sure how much a matter of "faith and morals" it ever was) that Jews were Christ-killers. That made it easier for Pacelli to be nice to Hitler, and for Coughlin, who was otherwise a decent leftie populist, to hate on the Jews and end up looking quite Nazi-ish (for some reason, Irish RCs seem to have been particularly virulent).

Yet despite that history of persecution, Schwarzman, a Jew, eagerly attended events featuring Bergoglio. Whence my post.

[Okay, I just looked back and realised that I didn't actually name Schwarzman, tho I thought I had. So your confusion is understandable and I apologise]


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Yes gator,

It's all perfectly logical. The Pope's message is for sale. He'll quit laying on the Rich-guilt-trip if you give him 40 million dollars for church reconstruction which costs 20 million. Since none of the Church's books can be audited, it's a bullet-proof little scam.

The largest landholder organization in the world is the Catholic Church. But no call to give back those vast lands to the poor that were stolen during the Global Inquisition that lasted 300 years! The smelly-old-man-in-a-robe who pretends to talk to god is not going to be talking about that vast wealth at all, is he?

Translation: All these Billionaires running around the world jacking up the cost of living and making people homeless are elbowing in on the Pope's Empire of fleecing the masses by pretending to sell salvation. In these Catholic Islands many of which used to be almost 100 percent Catholic, only 80 percent are now Catholic, on average. The Popes grip is slipping. So he finally showed up to pray for the Typhoon Victims in Tacloban and another Typhoon popped up out of nowhere and killed a stage equipment worker right next to the Pope. The Pontiff just barely beat a hasty retreat back to Manila in his private jet and the second jet with government entourage followers crashed on takeoff sending them all to the hospital.

Apparently, god gives the Pope no slack! What a shabby business Organized Religion really is! Oh Well, at least he's got the One Percent squirming in their seats!

That's worth something. Of all the phony religions, I like the Catholic one the best since it recognizes Evolution as the true science it is. In fact, the father of Genetics was a Catholic priest. So since they no longer burn people at the stake for saying Earth is not the center of the Universe (Copernicus), they are alright in my book.


Canonizing Junipero Serra and meeting with Kim Davis, while New York and Washington DC are on lockdown...

It's been a shock to see most people falling over themselves with glee, applauding the Pope's "triumphant" visit to the US. Thanks to the author and CD for a teensy smidgen of balance. Sigh.


Article fails to mention that Jesus Himself sat down with sinners and publicans.