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Who’s Who Of American War Criminals And Torture Apologists Endorse Gina Haspel For CIA Director


Who’s Who Of American War Criminals And Torture Apologists Endorse Gina Haspel For CIA Director

Kevin Gosztola

An array of former intelligence and other government officials signed a letter to the Senate intelligence committee in support of Gina Haspel, the nominee for CIA director.

Haspel, who is currently the deputy CIA director, was briefly in charge of a black site prison in Thailand during President George W. Bush’s administration. She helped destroy evidence to cover up torture. Agency personnel nicknamed her “Bloody Gina.”


But remember, when this rogue’s gallery talks up ‘proven’ Russian interference in our elections and ‘proven’ chemical attacks by Assad/Putin, their words are suddenly gospel.

I’ll remain in my ‘see and wait’ position, looking for facts. As for Bloody Gina, is Hillary’s endorsement next?


She’s still smelling the wind. Only that way can she triangulate her response.


Either I must just have a truly warped sense of humor, or all this insanity is provoking some primal mental survival mechanisms, but reading this article I hear this riff of Queen’s classic, ‘We Are The Champions’, except it goes ‘We are the torturers of the world.’



Unsurprising. The U.S. continues its descent into fascism. The veneer of decency continues to wear off.

When our descent is complete, and the veneer is completely gone, what will the rest of the world do? That is the question I would like an answer to.


Boycott, divest and sanction, I would hope.


Actually, I think our financial backers . . . you know, all the countries currently covering our debt, i.e. China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, et al . . . will call in their markers, essentially declaring us in bankruptcy, the fiscal variety, to go along with our moral, humanity form which we’ve increasingly been for far too long now.


The Fed would just buy that debt:


That would be awesome. Hope you are right.


That would be awesome. Doubtful any of them have the balls though.


Great article and well done, Kevin.
Yes, the network of The Usual Suspects ( " old war criminals never die, they just all smell that way " ) have endorsed and signed on to support one of their own. With Kissinger being the elder statesman to give it just the right touch and gravitas.
" Records of her " achievements " could be …if the CIA had any respect for their democracy ".
Yea, ain’t that the truth.


again i say -
NONE of this would be happening if kissinger had been publicly hanged when he first deserved it.


All this article is telling us is that the scum of the earth reside in or near Washington and their evil perversity and degeneracy is destroying America! We already knew all that!


And maybe ostracize?


As best I can tell, that is the real reason the nuclear arms reduction process led by Gorbachev halted where it did, with more than enough nukes to destroy civilization on make many species extinct. (Humans are like rats and cockroaches; if surivival is possible, one per million or more may survive. Or maybe not.) If the world order collapses against USA, the military may very well play the doomsday murder-suicide card - death of all before facing dishonor. The threat is real, even if the present cadre of leaders does not now intend to follow through.


The scary part is that many in Congress and elsewhere might welcome such an event in order to destroy social security.


I love the thought, but there are far too many for a single hanging to make difference.


“Vultures of a feather flock together.”   I am a bit surprised that John Yoo isn’t there to underwrite the “legal” justification for Haspel’s crimes.


All we are saying is give peace a chance. Torture has accomplished nothing positive. Clearly obvious that torture techniques will be commonly used on Americans in the future. Free speech is the enemy of wars and lying politicians.


Thanks for reading.