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Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?


Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?

Jim Hightower

Hey, can we all just stop complaining that our government coddles Wall Street's big money-grubbing banks?

Sure, they went belly-up and crashed our economy with their frauds, rigged casino games, and raw greed. And, yes, the Bush and Obama regimes rushed to bail them out with trillions of dollars in our public funds, while ignoring the plight of workaday people who lost jobs, homes, businesses, wealth, and hope. But come on, Buckos, have you not noticed that the feds are now socking the bankers with huuuuuge penalties for their wrongdoings?


The revolving door has been morphed and deserves a new metaphor more akin to a space program launching organization. It employs a virtual accelerationist manifesto of packing. It packs huge disposable fuel rockets full of toxic mixes that get jettisoned after each launch of fraud. It packs legislative strategies veiled under the silo titles of bills. It walks the halls of congress as if it were the staging building of cape canaveral swaying sets of eyes glued to interest screens narrowed like drone operators.

The effect cultivated for public consumption is insidious. It deploys terse demands and silenced communications to repeatedly savor the whipping mechanism inverting reality and uttering in so many words as if it were true… Huston we have a problem.

Do you remember how it used to feel to hear those words?


On the money as usual Mr Hightower! The corrupt influence of enormous wealth such as controlled by Goldman-Sachs is only matched by the corruption, complicity, and collusion of elected government by both parties - corruption and service to criminal enterprise it rises to the level of capital crime in office. In this case the Obama “Justice” Dept negotiated such a favorable slap-on-the-wrist deal for the criminal banker parasites it makes a mockery of justice - you can be sure there will be million dollar “speaking fees” down the road to Obama & Co, as was for the Clinton’s - payments for “services rendered”!!
The corruption of government ostensibly Of, By and FOR the People is dead, as politicians and the very mechanisms of our republic have become so utterly corrupted by big-money there can be no justice!


Gawd’s work is pretty LUC(IFE)Rative, heh, Lloyd.


It’s Houston.


Thank you for the correction. Oddly enough, an exchange on a correction about the spelling of a name in a metaphorical illustration of a distortion even strengthens the premise. Come to think of it, it also underscores Sander’s admonition for the necessity of unity in meeting the challenges!


Neither banks or “bankers commit crimes”. Decades of decriminalizing (media calls it deregulation) financial crime, mostly during Bill Clinton’s 8 years in DC, assured that no bankers went to jail when they crashed the economy in 2008 even though more than 1,000 bankers did jail time for their roles in the much smaller 1980s savings and loan scandal.


Goldman Sachs “fine” is a mere pittance when it all comes down to it. Blankfein and his board grant him a $23 million bonus after he passes on the bulk of the fine to the shareholders with his blessings. Blankfein did not make much on the investment in Chelsea Clinton’s hubby, marc mezvinsky’s Eaglevale hedge fund. MM also previously worked for Goldman Sachs but the loss is merely on paper. What a complete cluster F: Clintons, Mezvinskys, Blankfein, and a host of other high rollers who are well-insulated from the disastrous affects of their malfeasance while the rest of the nation (and world) shoulder the burdens and collapse under their weight. For those brigands, crime is paying off handsomely!


And how much of that $5 billion will just be written off as a business expense?


Excuse me Emphyrio but last time I looked the US is still a democracy. OK not a particularly effective one but a democracy nevertheless. Even when GWB was gifted two terms in the White House for elections he did not actually win, the US remained a democracy. Your enemy is yourselves. Yes, there are many wicked people who work hard to undermine your democracy but only because the people let them do it. The malaise is in the hearts of the people, not in the spivs and racketeers who live off their apathy.