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WHO Says Widely-Used Dow Herbicide 'Possibly Carcinogenic' to Humans


WHO Says Widely-Used Dow Herbicide 'Possibly Carcinogenic' to Humans

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The World Health Organization revealed on Tuesday that 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic, a key ingredient of a widely-used herbicide produced by Dow, is "possibly carcinogenic" to humans—a classification that public health and environmental advocates say is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall dangers the chemical poses.


Yeah, but Dow, Dupont, Monsanto and their clans create jobs in chemical factories and all the new cancer clinics!


Interesting article... Checked for other stuff and besides scary sounding chemicals, coffee and pickled vegetables also made it on the list of "possibly carcinogenic" substances.


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Your points are a start. However, there are plenty of scientific-based studies which show the " snowball " effect of this type of crop and food production. And, the oceans, aquifers and wells tell the rest of the story as they become repositories for a toxic chemical soup, of sorts. This type of industrial farming also has proven to be much like short term investing on Wall Street. Profit driven " pump and dump " really is a business model that drives money and political positioning superiority into the hands of the 1%ers. The American Kleptocrats own the EPA and have since the Nixon Administration. Same for the all the Alphabets connected to food, pharmaceuticals, et al. Democrats like Clinton to Obama, back to Clinton ( think a crooked double play combo, here ) have put us all on the outs. And, they have appointed criminal industry insiders to all their team's positions ( Tom Vilsack, anyone ? ). Actually the Democratic Party is much more corrupted than its' counterpart in crime. At least when a Republican opens his mouth people actually hear the tone of " caveat emptor ", and act accordingly. It is the pernicious, parsifying Democrats who enable the destruction of the 99s hopes for equality, fairness and equity in food, healthcare, work life balance and a decent environment to live in. The 99s could unite and defeat " caveat emptor " in a couple of election cycles but they are no match for the fool's gold offered by a corrupted and totally bought Democratic Party. And, so it goes....


Dow really? Generations unlike the VA, millions of Vietnamese and their progeny quite like those to come seem to have forgotten the most infamous of Dow's historical creations: Agent Orange.

While others express their concern about a human carcinogenic, too many never heard of or have forgotten the one I'll personally never forget as an Agent Orange
widow the very proven one that goes unmentioned.


Thank you for stating the facts so well. I hold the Democrats equally responsible. They were the Judas goats who made secret deals in private rooms while pretending to be on guard.


A special "thanks" to you red raven and any who understand the ultimate pain to those who suffer the horrible and complete loss as the result of a truly deadly chemical. One that not only murdered millions, but will be in the gene pool for not decades, but centuries.

Surely science can search and find the ability to remove the weeds from the ground even if the war machine will continue to kill with equally deadly weapons,
for causes as unfortunate as the warrior who grew to hate war in our household did long before Dow took his life with the aid of the Pentagon.


My father my best friend died in 2014, he served on the USS reeves DLG24 from
65-68 he did come home but to die slowly and painfully from agent orange. His concern was that my sister and my health issues were from his time in Vietnam. I never thought much of it until I started to see the horrific red tape for the Vietnam veterans to receive AO compensation which I had given forms to the va to be processed for my father but at the time of death they still sat on someone's desk Unfiled. They took our home and have told me to pay back February's pension because he died 3 days short of the entire month. and then I came across the 3-4th generation effects of children in Vietnam and how they have been asking USA for help with their proven AO effects on their Vietnamese 3rd 4th generation effects of AO then I found the children of Vietnam Veterans group, who are working to prove the already proven effects of AO my research continuied to link with articles saying we are growing food in this deadly chemical. The VA is through my research and opinion the one who works to deny help to the Vietnam veteran and likely will wait until there is not one left to see the recognition and honesty they each deserved if they admit AO effects on generations in Vietnam and help them they also in doing so would have to admit to our Vietnam Veterans (our fathers,sisters,brothers,grandfathers,sons, daughters, mothers,etc) that the AO is and has been killing them and that it is likely to be related to their children and grandchildrens health conditions as well