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Who Supports Comcast/Time-Warner Merger? Follow the Money


Who Supports Comcast/Time-Warner Merger? Follow the Money

Jon Queally, staff writer

With cable giant Comcast still hoping to receive a federal blessing for its bid to acquire Time-Warner Cable, currently its largest rival, the lobbying blitz is in full swing to sway lawmakers and federal regulators that the mega-merger will not, as critics charge, negatively impact consumers by further monopolizing an already highly-concentrated sector.


Well, actually, while I absolutely hate both Comcast and TWC, and did oppose the merger for a long-time, it turns out that approval of the merger would personally benefit me. How’s that, you ask? Well, part of the approval deal would require both parties to pull out of some markets and turn over cable service to other companies. I happen to reside in one of those markets, and I would benefit by becoming the customer of another cable company, one with a slightly better customer service ranking than either Comcast or TWC (a pretty low bar to exceed!). So, I’m conflicted.


Your conflict is understandable. However, we are all in this together, and what is healthiest in a society collectively ultimately benefits the individuals more. The reprehensible power being amassed by huge conglomerates and their buying off our government stand to bring down both our democracy and the planet.


Seems to me that you could oppose the merger on principle, but switch to the other provider (when) if it does go through. If it doesn’t, you could also lobby for more choice in your area.


Congress has been privatized.