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Who the Election Should Be For: The 7 Most Beaten-Down Americans


Who the Election Should Be For: The 7 Most Beaten-Down Americans

Paul Buchheit

Wealthy Americans are afraid of too much change, the kind that might occur with a Democratic Socialist as president. But it's too late for gradual change. Only a popular uprising against big business greed can restore a semblance of normalcy to our perversely unequal society.

The election should be about the economy—but the economy of average Americans, not of establishment wealth. The election should be about these beaten-down groups of Americans:

The Black American


This accurate, much needed message, must be carried to all Americans that hopefully translates into massive popular support for Bernie Sanders to change the lives of the 99%.

As Paul Buchheit writes "it's too late for gradual change. Only a popular uprising against big business greed can restore a semblance of normalcy to our perversely unequal society"


When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. --Native American Proverb


Do those little chocolate coins count?


"Its too late for gradual change" because ALL of the economic changes of the past four decades have been designed to and have succeeded in enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99%. Its gonna be tough enough for rapid change to get the 99% anywhere close to where we were in 1976, gradual change has proven to be a formula for eternal downward spiral..

Yes, there have been social changes that have not negatively impacted the 99% during that timeframe, as long as those changes enriched the 1%, or at least didn't cost them anything.


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It's amazing how many posters--regardless of the evidence of just how much power has coalesced into so few hands--still make the argument that "if only more citizens knew."

This is ridiculous.

And as can be expected, Mr. Buchheit's unique approach to the problem of fiscal consolidation (through a sophisticated heist that was generated--by design--from the evisceration of The Glass Steagall Act) in the form of representing the specific groups affected essentially leaves out "the usual suspects," as in those doing well: wealthy white males.

On a different thread, a poster waxed lyrical about all the strides women had made in recent times. Left out of his analysis are:

  1. The fact that the Equal Rights Amendment has never passed in this "land of the free"
  2. The fact that women make 20% less than men for doing the same jobs
  3. The fact that 1 in 5 women will be sexually molested or raped on a U.S. college campus
  4. The fact that the Christian Right is waging a war on women's access to birth control as well as abortion
  5. The fact that Feminists make a compelling argument for the USA morphing into a rape culture
  6. The fact that within every empowered body (from corporations to the Vatican), women lack equal representation. And the gap is startling. (Nor is it better for Latinos, Blacks, or Muslims.)

It seems to me that the CONSTANT arguments that either lump all Americans into one group (defined as uncaring, ignorant, sheep), of make today's problems about this idea of alerting more citizens are just diversions.

Until power is shared (and part of that power comes from financial resources, but not all), society CANNOT change.

The 68 billionaires who own more than half of the world's citizens can purchase armies. That's right. There ARE armies for hire. And after Blackwater's precedent in Iraq, these armies are not answerable to any nation's laws. In this way, they slide away from accountability.

Already those on the front lines of truth telling (lots of journalists being targeted either by actual weapons or legal entanglements) and those on the front lines of protecting the environment throughout South America are being "disappeared."

Knowledge can mean power if a society is operating according to the rule of law. Ours is not.


Please do not forget the First nations peoples of the United States of America. They are at the very bottom of the economic ladder below even the blacks and Hispanics YET if there any sort of justice for the first peoples of the land should be much more prosperous.

It the same here in Canada albeit they fare somewhat better than their cousins in the USA , they too are at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Virtually every treaty they signed with the US Government was reneged upon and some of the wealthiest of Americans that are defined as that 1 percent gained that wealth through theft of the First nations peoples lands.

Edit. I just came across this article so thought it worthwhile to add to help make my point. The drinking water on many Reservations In Canada is also unsafe to drink yet it rarely makes the news.



Actually, the majority of former citizens of the Soviet Union wish they could have communism back, after tasting the never-ending slavery and abuse of life under capitalism:



As long as "the economic ladder" is measured in dollars, indigenous people will always "be at the bottom." Notice how the happiness of people, the vibrancy of their communities, the health of their land, is never accounted for. It's only dollars.

The nearly 40 million Native Americans in North America had not one single dollar upon the arrival of the European invaders. All they had was a beautiful continent bursting with life, clean water, healthy and vibrant communities and thousands of years of cultural traditions.

It took an asshole European to tell them: "you're all poor!" 500 years later, their rivers are poisoned, the wildlife is dead, the forests are felled, the air is toxic, their oceans are radioactive plastic sewers. But America is now defined as "rich." If only the surviving indigenous could be "rich" too.


Beaten down is beaten down and that the main thrust of the article , although it was described in economic terms.

Recently a number of the tribes here in Canada voted AGAINST more "money" from economic development and voted for a protection of their lands and ecosystems. The artcile i linked to points out how those Tribes in the USA have been exposed to all of the filth that modern industrial society produces and leaves behind in that "externalized costs to maximize profits model".

I am certain that most of them if given a choice, would vote for their lands and waters to be rerurned to the state they once were over more money but the fact remains this can not be done without that money. Nor can the health and well being of their children be addressed. If there another way besides dollars or some other form of wealth of cleaning up that toxic legacy left by those "Civilized and progressive Europeans" than I am all ears.

A start might well be give them back their lands as was promised by those treaties.


The hegemonic drive of civilization is totalizing. Some land is grudgingly preserved, some rights grudgingly indulged.

For awhile.

Then the "civilized" come back.

They want the land. What treaty? They want the water, the hills, the ore, the bauxite, the oil, the natural gas, the "timber". Every last inch, every last tree, every last fish, it has ALL got to be consumed by the ceaseless, ravenous Moloch.

"The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization."~Ralph Waldo Emerson


This is the only advanced industrial society that legislates poverty.


"When governments fear the people, there is liberty," reads the quotation. "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Nobody is sure if Jefferson said that or not, but there is some truth in it.

It could be time for progressives to reverse their position on owing guns to protect themselves from the oligarchy. Oligarchies and military dictatorships in third world countries are armed against the public. That could be why some the best democracies share a well armed populace.


Brandon Bryant lies to the public. Here is just one example.