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'Who Wants to Break the News to Him?' Trump Silent After GOP Effort to Block Election Certification in Michigan Thwarted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/who-wants-break-news-him-trump-silent-after-gop-effort-block-election-certification


I will!
“Hey Drumpffff, YOU LOSER!!!”


It is the time of year to ponder the meaning of the Mayflower Compact, where the Idea that the members of the venture would obey the law, but they reserved the right to elect their own leaders.

In those days, the people of England were starting to get a “case of the ass” too.

I’ll break the news to him:
*Dear Donny: You’ve had your fun, just like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. You’ve shown that nearly half of America is ripe for a fascist con man, the American Mussolini. You’ve broken many laws and the constitution, and fomented civil war. You’ve directed a lot of taxpayer money to your businesses. Now it’s time for you to have a few, last tender evenings with Ivanka, before you face the penalties that traitors have faced for centuries. To make sure your ego is boosted, we’ll make the event into a reality show on PPV, and you can do an impassioned speech before going to that eternal reality show in hell.


Better to live a life of honesty, because nobody gets out alive.



Y’guys! The article’s conclusion has Rashida Tlaib instantly volunteering – and there might be some more in line ahead of her. So take a number on the insult honors.

If this is happening, if the people of USA are really ridding themselves of this cancer, then we don’t have just the election to thank for it. Electoral waters are supposed to be disturbed by stunts like this, from five states in particular. But there’s a little problem, and that’s the ongoing George Floyd Rebellion. Republican mobsters in Michigan (and Georgia, and etcetera) have to back down for one reason and one reason only: We’ve got Big George behind us now – you know this wouldn’t be a great time to really piss us off.


This scenario has largely been set up by the party-ueber-alles “ethic” of the Republican party dating back to Reagan’s 1966 gubernatorial race. It culminated in the cult of personality of a man-baby that has a terrible personality. In George Washington’s September 1796 farewell address he admonished against the rise of political parties. Smart man that George.


Hey CommonDreams - Why don’t you add background music " I’m proud to be an American Where at least I know I’m free" and chats of “USA, we’re number 1”.

Trump is history. Any focus on his antics, now, only enables the powerful, on the right, to advance their agendas and stifle the efforts of grassroots organizers from focusing on movements for change.


Plus the covid 19 virus needs more work with no distraction.

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Randolph Bourne’s quote from his 1918 essay The State can be seen as being greatly applicable to Trump as to how he views himself and was certainly prescient when he noted that:

“the president is an elected king. The fact that he is elected has proved to be of far less significance in the course of political evolution than the fact that he is pragmatically a king.”

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Well, as Trump and his demented followers might say:

LOCK HIM UP! He needs to be tried for his numerous crimes against humanity, the laws of this nation, and his complete disregard for hundreds of thousands of lives. Trump is the worst excuse for a human being I have ever seen or heard of. He has absolutely no saving characteristics, make that human characteristics. He is a malignant growth in the entire history of Humanity.


It looks that way because Somewhat self serving people have ducked their responsibilities, war powers for Congress not for Executive, for example, and the trend has been to centralize powers to the President.

But yeah, you are correct, and that is exactly what makes for today’s fascist danger.


Go Rashida! It’s your state – and much of your district. Good to hear the locals pushing the issue and standing up for justice.


I will be so glad to see the last of this decrepit orange Joffrey. He’s had a responsibility to the country; the USA is not his babysitter.

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Great historic article on 17th century England and its chaos.


It’s time to hand him a revolver with only one cartridge.

The carnage must stop.


Local control of the fairness of elections sometimes fails. However, when it happens, that’s usually far less damaging than rigging an entire national election from the inside, as happens in a surprising number of weak democracies worldwide.


To CarolEllison -What a great letter to Donald to reflect his accomplishments on. He will particularly appreciate the reality series that stars him as the first former president who takes his walk to prison.


What is crazy is that he is golfing everyday, while raising money from his diehards, hoping for a backdoor coup. That this happened in Michigan says how unchecked many of his followers are. They live in a world of am radio, FOX, and Facebook. It really is disconcerting.


What stands out to me is that the 2 republican members were trying to do the same thing the

democrats did in the primaries of 2016 and 2020 - blatantly disregard the will of a large portion of the

voters because the results of the vote did not align with the party preference.

The main difference in this case is that the 2 republican’s backed off on their corrupt scheme

while the DNC has installed their preference against the desires of their party members.

Domination - at whatever costs - this is the core agenda of both of the corporate parties.

The stupidity of both parties isn’t as important as is domination by the elites.