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Who Was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?


Who Was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

Peter Dreier

There’s nothing on the Parkland, Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School website about the woman whose name adorns the school, so its students may not realize that in rising from last week’s tragedy to speak truth to power, they are following in Douglas’s activist footsteps.


Thank you for the history lesson.

“Be a nuisance where it counts,” Douglass once said. “Do your part to inform and stimulate the public to join your action. Be depressed, discouraged, and disappointed at failure and the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption and bad politics—but never give up.”


Prayers with students and families for fortitude and putting the system and our public servants in their proper places


What a wonderful piece of real history. It is almost strong enough to make you forget that people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren now claim the sacred label of “progressive”.


Excellent article! Why can’t we have people like Douglas for president? She is the calibre of person needed to set this world on the right track. But alas, it’s money the world worships now–not moral character.


Great article. I was aware of her fight for the glades, but had no idea of her other worthy battles. In my mind her hero status just got elevated a few notches.


Warren qualifies for the appellation of progressive, but not the other two corporatists.


We cannot have a person like her as president, because we get the best president that money can buy, to paraphrase Will Rogers. Second, 85 per cent of we the people vote for emotional reasons. That’s why we got make America Make America great again Trump.


Thank you Professor Dreier for this outstanding article about an outstanding person! Hopefully the students of her namesake school will take inspiration and solace from her remarkable life and words.


And we are all poorer for it…in every way possible!


Warren is a millionaire who was a Republican until 1996 when the Clinton/DLC coup of the Dem Party took place. (“I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets”). She practiced and taught business law, specializing in bankruptcy, claiming to support individuals and small businesses when the Duopoly passed the horrid bankruptcy law. Her husband is a millionaire lawyer/corporate law teacher. She sat on an “oversight” commission after the 2008 economic crash, helping to hand out trillions in corporate welfare.

Unlike Douglas, who came from a rich family, she’s never taken a political or visible personal risk in her life. By-and-large, she’s a political opportunist whose actions and words take divergent paths. If U.S lib/progs are going to accept corporatists like Warren as “progressive,” they have already lost to the poison of “lesser evilism” which, in fact, turns out to be a greater evil.


I was wondering who she was and was going to look it up at some point. Thanks for this!


Wait a few years and maybe Emma Gonzalez might run. Hell. I’d vote her right now! She’s got more on the ball than 90% of the scum in Washington today.


Thank you so much Peter Dreier for researching and writing this beautiful history lesson. Thanks American Prospect for publishing, and Common Dreams for re-publishing. Inspirational.


#EmmaGonzalez2020 !