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Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs?


Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs?

Paul Street
I recently heard on cable news that special counsel Robert Mueller wanted to interview some “Russian oligarchs” about their supposed influence on the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Liberal talking heads at such organizations as MSNBC and CNN keep warning that nothing has been done yet to protect the integrity of our voting process against “Russian interference” as the 2018 midterm elections loom ever closer on the nation’s horizon.


What an excellent article. An effective disinfectant to the viruses that MSM consciously and idiotically spreads.


As soon as the US oligarchs realized that owning the US Congress provided them better return on investment (ROI) than any other investment, they started buying politicians in other nations. ALL nations need to “protect elections from US oligarchs”.

December’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as “tax reform” gives US oligarchs even more money to buy more politicians at home and abroad.


The parties of the Duopoly are beyond Hope of controlling the Oligarchs and their aiding our Descent into Political Corruption brought on by the Unethical misuse of their Money.

We must draft the Parkland Kids and give “them” all of the support they need to Boycott the “Out of Control” Oligarchs and create a New political party free of the corrupt use of Money.


A must-read article for any American concerned about attacks upon our system of government. The short answer to the question posed in the title is: No one, except an informed public.


This is one of the main benefits of all of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” in MSM, to distract from the theft of our election by our own oligarchs, complements of our un-supreme court.


Just saw Greg Palast’s “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” and highly recommend it (per G.P., can be downloaded at Amazon). Prepare your stomach, but vitally important information about the extremely pernicious effect on our democracy from not “just” the Kochs, but Paul Singer and John Paulson.


rdc: Spot on.


Perhaps their most remarkable finding is that the left-leaning “populist” Sanders came tantalizingly close to winning the Democratic presidential nomination with no support from Big Business. The small-donor Sanders campaign was “without precedent in American politics not just since the New Deal, but across virtually the whole of American history … a major presidential candidate waging a strong, highly competitive campaign whose support from big business is essentially zero.” In the end, though, Sanders was foiled by the big-money candidate Hillary Clinton’s advance control of the Democratic National Committee and convention delegates. He dutifully complied with her corrupt victory and campaigned on her behalf as he promised from the start. The Wall Street establishment kept its command over the not-so-leftmost side of the American two-party system. Sanders failed.

It’s good to see Street’s work on this website. It rivals Hedges’ in its depth of knowledge, comittment to reality, and clear writing. Maybe it beats Hedges on the clear writing part. Not-so-coincidentally, both Hedges and Street walk-their-talk.


Get the money and revolving doors out of elections. Don’t have any.

Let all the people decide what laws we live by with secure blockchain voting on our smartphones.

E-Democracy by Blockchain


Elections will be protected from money only when voters educate themselves and are not swayed by money sponsored propaganda. There is no reason today why any voter should not be informed.


The best and most complete autopsy of American “democracy” yet, as well as the best dissection of the 2016 “train wreck”. Russia’s influence was nil when compared to that
of our home-grown super-wealthy oligarchs.


I consider Paul Street to be a must read. I read most of his articles appearing on C’punch. Hedges is great but he can be a bit “preachy” and less solid on the facts and history. It a lot of ways Hedges is still a liberal.


A very good article, as far as it goes. However, it ignores the ENORMOUS control Israel has, censoring America’s press and dictating to its politicians. America was pushed into the Iraq war for Israel and now it’s being strongly pushed toward a war with Iran by Israel. The roots of the oligarcy behind Israel are described in
“War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”


Everybody has an opinion. I went to the VA today, people were talking politics. Nine out of ten were Trump supporters. Nobody knew anything about the push to privatize the veterans healthcare system. Trump fans are really dumb is what I took from that discussion.


And he’s an ordained minister and awfully self-righteous in a Puritan sense. But he’s still damned good. If he would get a sense of humor, he could be world-class.


I find Hedges’ pieces always to be crystal clear…powerfully so. I’m also a fan of Street’s writing.


The title question is one that should be repeated often and in every venue. I’m so deeply disturbed by the happy knee-jerking by nominal liberals and their echoing of the “Russian threat”. Whenever I see such posted comments or articles, I pose more or less the same question in reply. Yet only rarely do I sense any recognition of the comparative scales of the threats.


Amazing things can be done with software. Our lives are managed with software that controls energy generation and distribution, air travel, industrial processes of every kind and so on. We live in a matrix of software code that is understood, created, and implemented by a tiny minority of experts. If you don’t understand the infrastructure that your life is built on, you’re at the mercy of these experts, whether they wear white hats or black hats. When you turn the key on your car it will start or it won’t, but if you aren’t an expert you won’t know why.

Our electoral apparatus is the most important part of our political infrastructure. Paul Street can talk about money and politics, but he’s not talking about the hands on infrastructure, the voting machines, which are controlled by software programs. The Soviet Tyrant, Stalin, is said to have said: voting doesn’t matter; counting the votes is what matters. Computers count the votes. Software controls the count. Experts write the code. There are good experts and bad ones. Americans believe they’re all good.

Trump unexpectedly wins and the people have spoken! Hillary screwed up. The disaffected white nationalist bigot vote was huge. Steve Bannon’s political vision of a protectionist free market anti-welfare state was true! All this verbiage about why Trump won is a waste of time & effort because no one can prove that the election results were fair and that votes cast were counted as cast. A recount is not possible; therefore, it is not possible to verify the election results. We have a faith-based electoral system.

Our elections can be easily hacked by black hat experts and the hack is very difficult to impossible to expose. It’s a software hack and John & Jane Doe don’t know a thing about it. You trust your black box system because you do not understand it. Russians are not required, but they make convenient scapegoats for the work of highly paid criminal experts, the domestic enemies within. These people are not mentioned in the media. Our elections are free and fair. If they aren’t, our government is not legitimate. And it is not.

The joke’s on you. John Q!


There you go! Thanks. This could create democracy overnight. The founders wouldn’t like it, nor would our current crop of oligarchs.