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Who Will Replace Our Century-Old Water Pipes?



It more then a little obvious that these cuts in spending are like the cuts in spending used the World over. A crisis is created by those spending cuts and than the Government of the day then claims "only private industry can save us".

Control of existing infrastructure is then transferred to those Corporations to "manage on the behalf of the taxpayer under free market principles ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness"


Trillions for unending wars and not one cent for the health and safety of our peoples--What nonsense!


The same guys that Cry Poverty over Infrastructure Costs always find the Money for the Bombs, Jets and Aircraft Carriers that got the Permanent Green Light after they Murdered President Kennedy.


"But instead of increasing our funding for water infrastructure to deal with this looming need, the federal government has decreased funding sharply – by 82 percent per capita since 1977, traded away in funding cuts and budget negotiations. That’s just irresponsible, and it’s time for Congress to make sure our declining water systems get the repairs they need."

Compromising Public Health to invest in a new generation of nuclear weapons (to the tune of $1 trillion estimated spending over the course of the next decade) ... it's all about "National Security," according to the metrics of Mars rules, that is!


As others have written, the obscenity of military/war spending along with big-money corrupting our politics and influence elected reps to continue to lower fair taxation on the uber-wealthy and corporations, while "fees" and other taxes are shifted onto the backs of the 99%, corruption has reached critical and utterly criminal proportions.
Since money has been sanctified as 'free speech" by the scotus, there are fewer and fewer honest people in Congress to represent "The people" rather than special interests - in any system, or nation, this must be seen as, and IS, institutionalized corruption and a crime against humanity - except in the good-'ol USA..........when a population, as usual a vulnerable population, is poisoned to save money, and only chumps are held criminally accountable, the stench becomes overpowering.


Could the epidemic of ignorance that plagues the US be traced to lead heads? Put that in your pipe and drink it. I assume privately sold bottled water is tested for contaminants. You will soon pay thru the nose to quench your thirst.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.