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Who Will Rule Trump Foreign Policy?


Who Will Rule Trump Foreign Policy?

Jim Lobe

The most frightening commentary I’ve read in the run-up to the inauguration—and there have been many—appeared in a column identifying the four people whose foreign policy ideas were likely to be most influential with the then-president-elect. It was written by The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin and entitled “Inside Trump’s Shadow National Security Council.”


As stated in the article, with a team having virtually no Foreign Policy experience, I do hope that the Joint Chiefs stand at the ready to step in and remove the cancerous parts of this toxic administration (I believe "Execution" would be a better word for what Trump has assembled in place of 'Administration') before it makes a totally horrific mistake of Global proportions.


If past is prologue, Trump will continue to distract while very dirty work is done by underlings. As president, he will continue to be driven by a need for vengeance against his "enemies," and that target will shift depending on what he sees on the television news. While he is raging against one country or another, Jared might give the green light to the expulsion of all non-Jews from the West Bank and Bannon might authorize huge grants to support Marine LePen and other pet fascists. Meantime, Flynn could authorize an assassination attempt against the Iranian supreme leader., Whatever they feel like doing is what they will do, limited only by the need to handle Trump's delicate ego with kid gloves.