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Who Will Stop Trump From Tweeting Us into War With Iran?


Who Will Stop Trump From Tweeting Us into War With Iran?

Medea Benjamin

Donald Trump may be taking us to war on Iran and those who should be trying to stop him—from Congress to the grassroots—are too obsessed with Russia to even pay attention.


Trump desperately wants to be a War president.

Little does his tiny brain know that since day 1 he had declared war against the 99%.


Medea, this is a brilliant assessment of the current situation with Iran. You have analyzed the psychopaths running our country perfectly.

Mr. Trump will do what W. Bush did when he was down in the polls and getting close to re-election; Start a War and Lie about the reasons.

All these bellicose macho threats and chest thumping is a distraction from the bad press he has been getting over the Tariffs and to show his deplorable’s what a strong tough leader he is.

Our government is being run by a bunch of degenerate homicidal maniacs who are willing to bomb and kill innocent civilians without feeling a speck of remorse.

We bombed, killed and made refugees of the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Libyans the Syrians, and the Yemenis.

We ignored and cheered the Israeli bombing of defenseless Palestinians by saying they have a right to defend themselves.

And now we want to level the ancient beautiful country of Persia, if they do not submit to whatever demands we make of them.

Do we always have to act like a bully and start negotiations off with, “you do what we tell you or we will destroy Iran?

The Persian Empire goes back thousands of years and the Persian, (Iranian People) are some of the nicest people in the world, despite the dehumanizing campaign the Trump administration is conducting, trying to convince us how Evil the Iranians are and why we must Bomb them into oblivion.

I have personally done business with Iranians and find them to be intelligent honorable people. I am deeply troubled by our cavalier willingness to destroy our fellow human beings with such callousness and indifference.



The Evil that is Deranged rump and his lackeys gets worse every day! All who care Must do everything We can to resist, and rebel, of course, non-violent!
There is great Power when World -wide The People Rise together!


I think many Americans are intelligent enough to follow the Russian story and what is going on with Iran as well. We follow many things at once. The major league baseball races for the playoffs. What is on sale at the local supermarket. How the battle between the progressives and the Democratic establishment is going. Where is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going to pop up next. What is the latest bill that Bernie Sanders has introduced. What awful things are ICE and Border Patrol doing to immigrants. What is the latest action Trump has taken to reduce environmental protection. The list goes on and on.


Benjamin sez:
“Many Iranians desperately want to change their government, but not with U.S. intervention. They look around the region in horror, seeing how U.S. militarism has contributed to massive chaos, misery, and death in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine.”

Pity how few USAns look around the region and see the same thing.


This article has a picture of a demonstration. I haven’t seen it on other sites.Trump would like to distract us from Russia-Gate. Russia is one of Iran’s allies. going to war with them will deteriorate our relations with them.


This subject has little to do with Russia, except for people who can’t or won’t see the truth. Russia didn’t hack the DNC (Bill Binney proved this), and their effect on the 2016 election was minimal at best. The only real possible link might be Trump money laundering of Russian oligarchy funds in his properties (but we haven’t seen evidence of this yet).
Bolton and Pompeo were both put into place to start war with Iran, for the benefit of the Israeli govt., the neocons and punishment for them dumping the US petro dollar as their trading currency.
Haven’t we screwed over Iran enough for one lifetime?


Hi Recon Fire, yes, we should leave Iran alone… America took apart its democracy, and that was the only democracy that’s ever been in the Middle East.
It’s embarrassing to live in this nation. No matter who is the president, he always has to be bombing some nation—and fo no reason.


Hey stardustIBID, I can relate. I’ve been ashamed of this country for a long time now.
I served with a few Iranians in the military before the Shah fell in 79, (yes I was young and stupid enough to fall for the patriotic BS), very mellow people. Impressive Middle Eastern culture before the cleric takeover, I have to believe there are many in that country that would like to return to their modern and enlightened world that they enjoyed pre 1979, minus the cruelty of the Shahs enforcers.


Since it was President Putin who prevented an all out third world war back when Trump ordered a missile attack in Syria, I suppose we have to hope that Iran’s rulers are wiser than ours and that they will prevent it. How the West gets away with posing as the humanitarian peacemaker when all around its aggressive and belligerent acts threaten the rest of the world (and ordinary citizens in the West) is a mystery to me. Thank goodness the rest of the world has more sense.


PonyBoi, the REgressive mind reader.


LameAssMikey, the Deluded Dump Supporter.


The corporate military industrial complex has been intent on a war in Iran since 2001 as Gen. Westley Clark informed us (youtube “7 countries in 5 years” if unfamiliar).
Why would anyone expect the feckless traitors in congress to ever oppose a war the mic wants?


Yep, that’s me however most definitely not deluded(do you know what that word means?)

Unlike you, with your nose buried exclusively in far left news sources, I read across the spectrum and President Trump is kicking’ it.

Try it sometime.


Attack Iran?!? But the REAL ENEMIES of the American people are in Washington, DC, and Tel Aviv!


Nicely put. My perspective exactly.


Maybe not from the Robert Mueller investigation, but Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) has a pretty compelling report on her website.


Russia is Iran’s ally. China is Iran’s ally. Both Russia and China need Iran more than they needed Syria, or Libya, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or…
The US is testing their mettle while appealing to some of Iran’s Middle Eastern rivals.
I think this war will not happen, but we will see a lot more world relations on edge.



Many people mention how so much of the United States’ recent actions are not in its own best interests. I agree. I wonder whether the map I saw a decade ago in the Wall Street Journal, showing a possible scenario of a majorly splintered US, broken up, might be in some of our leaders’ dreams.